Category: SAM SPARRO

Clingwrap – Sam Sparro

you seem to be a lot of mean but baby you know it just can’t be oh no to me you’re just to clingy and now you need to set me free c’mon and set me free see i went outside just to take a stroll and when i came back i had ten missed […]

21st Century Life – Sam Sparro

Living in the last century I thought about Living in the future Then it occurred to me I turned around The future was now The future was all around me Nothing like I imagined It was totally confounding 21st century life I got swept away I got 21, 000 things That I got to do […]

Still Hungry – Sam Sparro

He sang a song for me Last night all the stars in the sky they twinkled so brightly it really was a sight to see today i spend two hundred and fifty dollars two hundred and fifty dollars on a pair of jeans they really looked nice on me but that means Ohhh that for […]

Cottonmouth – Sam Sparro

i was sitting in the park trying to forget all of my blues i wanted a lil something to spark and so in god’s green earth i did partake an unusual affair i forgot my woes while i fell awake i didn’t have a single care then i noticed something very wrong i was so […]

Black And Gold – Sam Sparro

and grew legs and they started walking and the apes climbed down from the trees and grew tall and they started talking and the stars fell out of the sky and my tears rolled into the ocean now i’m looking for a reason why you even set my world into motion ’cause if you’re not […]

Pocket – Sam Sparro

With your back To the door Then it’s Your own fault When you get knocked To the floor You may have Fooled me once But I’ve got A pretty damn Good memory It’s a small world What a type cliché But it’s a small world How many times can I say That everything You do […]