Down In Love – Samantha Cole

Everytime I look in your eyes I see why You’re everything to me Every time I hold you I feel the rhythm As you touch me tenderly No other lover could make me so high Or gonna move me the way that you do And I’m so into you I’m down in love with you […]

Sweet Sweet Surrender – Samantha Cole

Baby, baby I can’t get you out of my mind So maybe, maybe I can get wiht you tonight Intoxicated by the way that you touch me This kind of love, it’s just too much and never enough It’s such a sweet, sweet surrender Every time you call my name I’m fallin’ again It’s such […]

Surrender To Me – Samantha Cole

(Richard Marx, Ross Vanelli) Is that we’ve been together much too long? The anser many not be in black and white We’re always trying to prove who’s right or wrong And now we’re giving up without a fight I know when you’re gone I wish I’d held on So baby surrender to me They’ll be […]

With Out You – Samantha Cole

Never even thought to cry when I heard you say good-bye never said where you were going There’s no laughter in the air Only silence everywhere And so much left unspoken Since you’ve been gone I haven’t been the same I wish that I could see Who’s to blame Without you, where do I belong? […]

I’m Right Here – Samantha Cole

When I was on the dark side of the street You turned you love light on so I could see When I lost faith in myself and humanity You wre the one who gave it back to me Now there’s pain in your eryes As you try to giht back all the tears Maybe you […]