One In A Million – Samantha Fox

The day I met you, I was so confused I never knew anyone that could blow my fuse And now I want you and you want me, too My god and angel really came through My luck has changed, my life’s rearranged I was a prisoner, but you broke my chains I got this one […]

Don’t Wait Up – Samantha Fox

M: Hello S: Hello Sweetheart! M: Where are you?! S: I’m still here at the club. M: You were supposed to be here at home a long time ago! S: I don’t complain when you’re out with the boys. M: LISTEN! S: NO, You Listen! Drink some milk, go to bed, and Din’t wait up. […]

Wild Kinda Love – Samantha Fox

It takes a wild kinda love Wild kinda love Well I’m not the kind of girl who Wants roses & bottles of perfume I just want to live fast & feel good Have fun & do things like the boys do I don’t need this “;old time romancing”; I need a wild kinda love (Feel […]

If Music Be The Food Of Love – Samantha Fox

If music be the food of love, then play on Play on, play on Play on, play on If music be the food of love, then baby play on, play on Let the heavens celebrate our love And baby, play on, play on To be or not to be, it doesn’t matter much to me […]

Let Me Be Free – Samantha Fox

Do what you wanna do, do What you wanna do, do What you wanna do, do What you wanna do, do What you wanna do, do What you wanna do, there Was a time, when we did all The things we wanted to do You were here, for me, and Gave me loving, when I […]

Hold On Tight – Samantha Fox

Okay, this is it hold on tight! Woo! Well since you told me yes, I’m out of control We’re gonna rock this town We’re gonna watch it rattle & roll Hold on honey, hold on tight It’s only money & tonight’s the night In answer to your question just hold on tight Mmm… well, I’m […]

Nothing You Do, Nothing You Say – Samantha Fox

I think it’s time for you to make a decision I think it’s time for you to get it straight what’s right And left alone with your own intuition You find the flame we had never burned so bright With a little more time We could shed more light And when it all comes down […]

Ready For This Love – Samantha Fox

I’m on my way over to deliver A message I need to give to you It’s what you’ve been waiting for Finally coming true Resisting your arms that tried to find me I started to realize you’re true I left all my broken hearts behind me No tears to blind me I’m not scared anymore […]

Pleasure Zone – Samantha Fox

I want to take you for a ride To this place called the pleasure zone, pleasure zone I want to take you for a ride I want to take you home, take you home 1..2..3 Let’s do it! I met you dancing at a club last night I saw you baby you looked so right […]

Your House Or My House – Samantha Fox

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go… OK, are we gonna do this or what? You wanna play? (What you gonna do?) I do I caught you staring across the road Sending me the sign You’re too cool to make your move But I know what’s going on in your mind I’m not into playing silly […]

(Hurt Me! Hurt Me!) But The Pants Stay On – Samantha Fox

Just because we’re dancing Doesn’t mean that we’re romancing too Boy I hardly know you – so I have to show you That it’s not as easy as it seems to be To get all what you want from me It takes more than one night Wait till the time is right And right now […]

Deeper – Samantha Fox

I take a trip to the oceandrive Straight up and right into the blue Whatever it takes to get out alive My love is coming up for you Now I’m walking right up at the waterfront And I’m still looking for a cure Don’t you know It gets hard to relax When this problem gets […]

Watching You – Samantha Fox

Nice and easy Take it nice and slowly Let’s relax and just enjoy Each other my baby We’ve so little time to be Alone together Watching you Watching me Let’s break free I can lie in your arms Meditate away tension You can carry away Until all my senses melt So, take it nice and […]