Baby Come Over – Samantha Mumba

Baby come on over tonight, we can make it all right Take a piece of my hear. And go from the start. Baby come on over tonight. We can make it all right. Boy there’s no one like you. Do you feel it too. You say that you want me. Again and again. You say […]

Body II Body – Samantha Mumba

Mama said Don’t you play around town But I just can’t control myself Picking up that boy tonight Ain’t gonna put him down ’til it feels all right People stop and stare Cuz looking is fair Come on over baby let me show you how I care It’s getting hot in here My biorhythm’s jumping […]

Stand By Your Side – Samantha Mumba

Baby I don’t wanna see another day Without You How Can I even think about anyone else When you’re the only one on my mind I’m gonna stand by your side Ill never leave you behind I’m gonna stay through the night Cos I know Ill never be alone Ive been missing you too many […]

Lately – Samantha Mumba

Just sittin’ away watching the days go by. Have you ever felt a breeze hit your heart. Like the wind was blowing it apart. Had you spinning like a merry-go-round. Indications of a storm touching down. I wish that I could weather any storm. But I guess it was heartbreak from the norm. It was […]