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Count – Sammie

You didn’t have to leave me baby See I called you today No one picked up the phone As fast as I could girl I ran to your home When I arrived to my surprise You were gone, oh babe Your neighbor informed me That you moved away How could you not tell me And […]

When I Grow Up – Sammie

Ok class, ok everyone settle down everyone settle down um, as you all know we’ve been working real hard on our school’s essay’s done does any body have theirs to read frist Sammie: Mr. Evans my essay is ready Teacher: Ok everybody Sammie has the floor Sammie: When i grow up I wonder if people […]

If I Can – Sammie

Ooh…if I can, baby Yeah Girl, I wanna be, I wanna be When I fell I always knew that we would do well I never thought of you of a sell-out girl I’d give my world to you, can’t you tell I will be there But sometimes You throw me off and get out of […]

Do It For You – Sammie

Grl what is this magic i feel inside Why cant i breath when your near by My heart is pounding so hard I think of you so much that i cant sleep your like the rose that blooms in spring your like the snow flake in winter breeze and i give anything just to have […]

Cathing Feelings – Sammie

mmmm-mmmm-mmmm-mmmmmm Now you wanna catch the feelings (Just a bit older now) Now you wanna catch the feelings Now you wanna catch the feelings (And I wonder why, why) Now you wanna catch the feelings Now you wanna catch the feelings Started out as best friends Just a bit older now I remember when We […]

Fell For Her – Sammie

Become my best friend I did all I can do To show her different But in the scheme of things I kinda lost my range And I found myself wanting To be with her in another way Tell me what am I do when I think of her each and everyday And I can’t believe […]

The Bottom – Sammie

1 – Ooh, ooh yeah From the bottom to the top I got ’em Repeat 1 during intro Yeah, yeah Miami Yeah the place to go Cause we got beaches We got them all We got everything Hundred and ten degrees Sunshine city baby Represent I was up in the hood Down at my boy’s […]