Full Moon – Sandy Denny

But you’re still here with me. All the world is sleeping by and by. Through the windowpane The frosted light […]

Solo – Sandy Denny

And what have you got to say? Well I’m waiting, but I can’t stay long, It’s such a lovely day. […]

This Train – Sandy Denny

This train don’t carry no gamblers, this train, This train don’t carry no gamblers No crap shooters, no midnight ramblers, […]

All Our Days – Sandy Denny

Keeping what we would win Orchids or tiny flowers Wooden huts or ivory towers Centuries or hours Dark are the […]

No End – Sandy Denny

I wonder why they’re always so surprised ‘cos every year it snows. Frozen images of snowploughs as they churn along […]

Carnival – Sandy Denny

And the sunshine is awaiting for another sunny day. Breakers whisper to the shells upon the shore, And hear the […]

Gold Dust – Sandy Denny

If your eyes are blue you know the rest Champagne if it’s very cool It’s never very formal how you […]

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