Lights Out – Santogold

Shoot up the station TV’s dead where’s there to run Watch everybody come undone Lights out We’ll make it easy We’ll make it fun Won’t let them see now, how they had won Still I wait another round Darling Don’t got to worry you’re locked in tight Darling Don’t got to worry turn out the […]

You’ll Find A Way – Santogold

You’ll have no other way you just want to take us down go ahead, I’ll be the one hit If I can take you, boy, it just might throw this town Oh, you want to get it You make us bleed, it’ll prove there’s life somewhere And oh, no, I want to yell it but […]

Shove It – Santogold

We on the look for the advantage, we work hard And if we seem to rough it up a bit We broke but we rich at heart Pull ourselves up now we won’t choke It’s our time, put the lights on us War tactics they make me sick reel your heart in run away with […]

L. E. S. Artistes – Santogold

to tell it straight, I’m tryin to build a wall Walking by myself down avenues that reek of time to kill If you see me keep going be a pass by waver Build me up, bring me down just leave me out you name dropper Stop tryin to catch my eye I see you good […]