Gravity – Sara Bareilles

It never takes too long. No matter what I say or do I’ll still feel you here ’til the moment I’m gone. You hold me without touch. You keep me without chains. I never wanted anything so much than to drown in your love and not feel your reign. [CHORUS:] Set me free, leave me […]

Inside Out – Sara Bareilles

Down the same road for days I’ve seen the coastline Going both ways Some days are perfect And some simply could not get worse Some days it’s all worth it And some days this life is nothing but a curse And I wonder who will break first I am small I feel like no more […]

Red – Sara Bareilles

I did it all on my own Seems growing up Didn’t take long I feel strange, I feel good I feel better with you You’ve changed, you should Cause I think I did too Made my mistakes I did a few things right But it will take what it will take Baby, that’s life You […]

City – Sara Bareilles

At the bars filled with perfume and hitching a ride A place you can stand for one night and get gone It’s clear this conversation ain’t’ doing a thing Cause these boys only listen to me when i sing And i don’t feel like singing tonight All the same songs Here in these deep city […]

My Love – Sara Bareilles

And I am humbled I feel small and plain But his arms are angels by his side You need not ask if they’re open, just how wide His lips are day And his skin is night Oooh, and with our love we conjure up the twilight His fingers are music to my soul And I […]

Vegas – Sara Bareilles

‘Cause somebody told me That’s where dreams would be Gonna sell my car and go to Vegas Finally see my name upon the Palace marquis Gonna quit my job and move to New York ‘Cause somebody told me that’s where Dreamers should go Gonna quit my job and move to New York And tattoo my […]

One Sweet Love – Sara Bareilles

I undress my mind and dare you to follow Paint a portrait of my mystery Only close my eyes and you are here with me A nameless face to think I see To sit and watch the waves with me till they’re gone A heart I’d swear I’d recognize is made out of My own […]

Love On The Rocks – Sara Bareilles

Don’t think I need to tell you more I needed a raise I worked so hard for this love of mine Still I got nothing to show for it. Tongue tied and twisted, go on baby and go to my head. Here’s a simplification of everything we’re going though You plus me is bad news […]