Screeches From The Silence – Sarcofago

Rain falls at the end of the night Wetting your face, your soul Speed is your way of life Soon you’ll meet your face Reflected on the wet asphalt The red of your blood, your blood!!!! The lights end everywhere You feel your soul burning in pain Now you see the face of death Calling […]

The God’s Faeces – Sarcofago

obstinated, that’s OK this is your point of view we’re not truth owners But we want to know what you have to say if you agree, our condolences if you dischord scream loud prove that we’re wrong we are god’s faeces from the point that lam The references are so incovenient I can feel the […]

God Bless The Whores – Sarcofago

but all with the same fire burning between their legs. God bless the whores by all their cares God bless the whores by the nights of sodomy. A compulsion to endless nights of pleasure, they are armed with lashes, chains and tiger panties. Their voluptious instinct cannot be stoped, their hot machines are always wet […]

Plunged In Blood – Sarcofago

bursting out my head. The wind blowing with anger, sunshine can’t warm me, an intense cold runs through my spine. Only loneliness in my wondering soul. The despair is increasing, I can’t control my feelings. My body is contorning in pain, screams cut me like razors. The silence is just a illusion, I can’t scream […]

Song For My Death – Sarcofago

always watching me from some distance devoted fellow, enemy of the flowers Mother of the ones who suffer So many fears, so many loves you I know that your face is fair Nothing more will exist Everything will continue the same Money, power and blue sky means nothing when people die democracy, symphathy, you and […]