Performer SAVATAGE

Warriors – Savatage

The warrior stands alone Visions of the fighting past A thousands tales are told Immortal Let the battles of street […]

Lights Out – Savatage

Vaporizing hard tire Gonna take her down Yeah I’m really gonna let this motor run No brakes can’t stop In […]

Hyde – Savatage

Nature took her hideous revenge Out of the black abyss came the creeping madness that was his other self Hyde, […]

Of Rage And War – Savatage

You got civilian planes crashing to the oceans Airports full of terrorists Nagi skins anarchists When are they gonna learn […]

Jesus Saves – Savatage

Out of place New Yorker Hung out on the boulevard Sellin’ nickel candies Saving all his quarters Bought himself a […]

Anymore – Savatage

Don’t want to look across the waves Instead of seeing hills of water I just see markers on their graves […]

Midas Knight – Savatage

on his solid gold steed ready to battle and answer his need computerized man a digital clone thing from the […]

Legions – Savatage

metal storming masses In the lies Battle cry Screaming to the night Oh no Summon up the legions To do […]

Scream Murder – Savatage

Where many have died, and where you will breathe your final breath Your pulse starts to quicken, blood runs to […]

White Witch – Savatage

Your blood pumping faster Hands reach for the blade Touch her Feel her Your body it craves her She leads […]

Sirens – Savatage

They heard the voices sing Through the storm The island’s closing in They’d heard tales Of lives lost at sea […]

24 Hrs. Ago – Savatage

I’m tired of hearing the same old song Look I rule the night No end in sight I think I’m […]

Chance – Savatage

Trying to find the words to say When every prayer he ever prayed Was gone And the dreams he’s never […]

Starlight – Savatage

Dropped on the world below, wait for the afterglow We never fear the night, we bring our own starlight Dropped […]

Crying For Love – Savatage

Did not believe the things you’d say Now you’re gone I don’t understand why you’d leave for some distant land […]

Power Of The Night – Savatage

Moving with a swiftness Closing in on me Children of the metal movement The legions growing stronger Stronger than they […]

The Message – Savatage

You know, they brought me down I felt you slipping away And the look on your face Never really made […]

Taunting Cobras – Savatage

She’s gonna get you If you go walking by this corner slow Don’t think she’s gonna let you leave Just […]

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