Performer SAVATAGE

Taunting Cobras – Savatage

She’s gonna get you If you go walking by this corner slow Don’t think she’s gonna let you leave Just […]

Welcome – Savatage

The set is down The curtain’s flown away To all you creatures of the night I say it’s time we […]

Damien – Savatage

What’s this message you bring to me In my world of blind devotion You were there But I could never […]

Unusual – Savatage

Chills rattle through my bones The way she looks it shocks me Standing at the door that leads below There’s […]

Follow Me – Savatage

What you had in store I couldn’t really tell Perhaps was just as well I came here with a dream […]

Turns To Me – Savatage

Looks in the mirror And sees what she wanted to be Safely unknown To anyone near her She sees what […]

Underture – Savatage

That struggles to escape And in the shallows of his dreams We can often see its wake For we all […]

On The Run – Savatage

Six days in a haze, locked behind a door Searchlight on my trail, I hear the sirens wail Footsteps close […]

Sammy And Tex – Savatage

It’s been a real long time And your bill’s past due Stop right there Don’t you look away ‘Cause you’ve […]

Visions – Savatage

Satan laughing with delight he’s calling you to be a servant of his voodoo when the hour strikes 13 listen […]

Washed Out – Savatage

Out of control don’t need no more I’m feeling mean dressed in leather It’s a screamer City nights Trashing all […]

The Hourglass – Savatage

He’s traded his life for a glass full of tears The bargain was quick for one’s life is less dearer […]

Gutter Ballet – Savatage

A concrete paradise Sirens screaming in the heat Neon cuts the eye As the jester sighs At the world beneath […]

Wishing Well – Savatage

You know you ain’t going anywhere You spend all your time singing your blues You know you ain’t going anywhere […]

Rage – Savatage

I’ve been turned down by every girl I meet I’ve done my sentence, I’m the one going insane Learn to […]

Another Way – Savatage

Eighteen years and fading Ain’t a lot of time left to be a star On an island All alone and […]

Stuck On You – Savatage

Girl you knock me out Tell me what you’re doin’ tonight my love Girl I’ll show you what it’s all […]

Miles Away – Savatage

On a world burned by the sun And the moon arises like a child And the moment is undone And […]

I Am – Savatage

If over his little plot he might be king And he finds his present world a little boring There’s no […]

The Whip – Savatage

i’m a nasty kinda date i like to do it hard crack the whip till you’re scarred down-down on your […]

Hounds – Savatage

The cry of the hounds live forevermore Stalking the night They roam the countryside till morning’s light Do you hear […]

Castles Burning – Savatage

With the shadows seething There he stands alone Fools and faith conspire Questions of desire That they never owned Kings […]

Holocaust – Savatage

the war of a billion things when darkness seizes the lords and darkness sends his judgement sword they march through […]

If I Go Away – Savatage

We all stand lone Searching for clues From our different views In the dark I call out your name It […]

Streets – Savatage

The children play Somewhere Out there Alone and out of place Streets of illusion Sooth the shattered fate I’ve been […]

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