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Follow Me – Savatage

What you had in store I couldn’t really tell Perhaps was just as well I came here with a dream And I just had to see If my dream would soar I knocked on every door His whole life was written Written there inside His new weekly bible The modern T. V. Guide Every night […]

The Wake Of Magellan – Savatage

Looking out onto the sea It would offer no solutions Only silent company So he took hold of the reasons As he tried to understand But they offered just confusion As they bled into his hands Dear god Couldn’t you decide What should happen to a man’s assassins Dear god Is it suicide I have […]

Turns To Me – Savatage

Looks in the mirror And sees what she wanted to be Safely unknown To anyone near her She sees what she wanted to see And turns to me And turns to me And turns to… She was prophesied For an early slide Followed it to the letter Well kept beauty queen If there, always seen […]

Underture – Savatage

That struggles to escape And in the shallows of his dreams We can often see its wake For we all have our secrets That we all keep deep inside Away from light, in darkest night Where it’s always safe to hide Away from all that we should meet Less someone else should share That thing […]

On The Run – Savatage

Six days in a haze, locked behind a door Searchlight on my trail, I hear the sirens wail Footsteps close behind, they’re after me now Moonlight lights the way to a clearing up ahead ____light through the trees, the hunter flees again How long can I run? I feel it’s just begun Nowhere left to […]

Sammy And Tex – Savatage

It’s been a real long time And your bill’s past due Stop right there Don’t you look away ‘Cause you’ve had your fun Now it’s time to pay Now you know that I’ve been waiting And I’m really very patient But you’ve really pushed me way too far ‘Cause you owe me thirty thousand And […]

You’re Alive – Savatage

To the ground he had burned in his past And the press they all laughed And they said it never lasts But the crowds they came in Just to see a man back from the dead As he stood on the stage The world echoed in his head When you’re skating on ice too thin […]

Blackjack Guillotine – Savatage

Razor sharp Always clean Gotta lie Very wide Once inside she knows what to do She knows what to do Skin tight China white Just another neon life In the vein Leaves a stain All the time you know that it’s true You know that its true So tell me what you had in store […]

Lady In Disguise – Savatage

Just a vision in my dreams I wonder why Face to face she appears quite strange Never ever got her name I’m a fool inside Her eyes cried lady in disguise Lady in disguise I knew from the moment I saw her face To the edge of the world I would chase her again And […]

Edge Of Thorns – Savatage

We put them all in play A covering of treasons That one by one we let slip away A solitary dancer So lost upon her stage I have seen you on the edge of dawn Felt you there before you were born Balanced your dreams upon the edge of thorns But I don’t think about […]

Visions – Savatage

Satan laughing with delight he’s calling you to be a servant of his voodoo when the hour strikes 13 listen to the spirits as they scream your name beware–guard your soul Sodom is the place you’re gonna go visions of hell, what a thrill walls aflame breathing deep you seem in pain a lake of […]

Mentally Yours – Savatage

With the friends he made Why did they send him away He drove his mommy mad His daddy he ran They didn’t understand Now he gazes his cold nights through Reliving all of the things he’s do If he only had another chance If that was all he had His tension life He beats the […]

Washed Out – Savatage

Out of control don’t need no more I’m feeling mean dressed in leather It’s a screamer City nights Trashing all the sites When will this night come to end Washed out Washed out Washed out Washed out Washed out Washed out Alright All the king’s horses And all the king’s men Could never put me […]

Out On The Streets – Savatage

But you’re not here today And now’s the time I need you most I think about the days we were close Baby I need you here. I’m out on the streets alone tonight, Looking for you it don’t seem right Baby don’t you know I’m falling apart How could you break my heart? Walking down […]

The Hourglass – Savatage

He’s traded his life for a glass full of tears The bargain was quick for one’s life is less dearer When the sand’s running out and the ending is near The ending is near The ending is near The ending is… The man climbed aboard and set sail for the ocean He put on the […]

Degrees Of Sanity – Savatage

You made the rules I played the part I never rushed or pushed my fate When time was tight I knew to wait And circumstance So well disguised Within a gathering of lies And in the dark I lie awake So I can watch you drive your stake What’s that you said to me The […]

Hard For Love – Savatage

I know you can be found And are you looking for somebody new I know you get around And you’ll like what you’re gonna feel Senses burning luscious meal I I’ve been looking for you Part of the things you do To me I am hard for your love tonight I’m hard for your lovin’ […]

Gutter Ballet – Savatage

A concrete paradise Sirens screaming in the heat Neon cuts the eye As the jester sighs At the world beneath his feet It’s a gutter ballet Just a menagerie Still the orchestra plays On a dark and lonely night To a distant fading light Balanced on their knives Little parts of lives Such a strange […]

Wishing Well – Savatage

You know you ain’t going anywhere You spend all your time singing your blues You know you ain’t going anywhere You’ve always been a good friend of mine Your heart it bids farewell The only time you’re satisfied Is with your feet in the wishing well Throw down your gun, you might shoot yourself Or […]

All That I Bleed – Savatage

Got themselves a letter In the mail the other day It’s already worn and tattered And I guess It gives away All the things we keep inside All the things that really matter The face puts on its best disguise And all is well Until the heart Betrays She knows As she reads the letter […]

Rage – Savatage

I’ve been turned down by every girl I meet I’ve done my sentence, I’m the one going insane Learn to live my life ________ I know, child, how to play the game Rage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My life’s in total hell, I can’t take it no more People walking over me, turn to me at the store I’d_______baby, […]

Another Way – Savatage

Eighteen years and fading Ain’t a lot of time left to be a star On an island All alone and dying Walk upon the water But you won’t get far Dreams and visions Tied into decisions Saw you on a postcard From the other side Hope and glitter Never feeling bitter Walk upon the water […]

Tonight He Grins Again – Savatage

Seems I’m my only friend Wander the streets all alone The lost in search of his own Once again I’ve played the clown Used my friends to let him down Walk the streets just staring out ‘Cause in the dark the strange come out Time and time and time again I’m just looking for a […]

Stuck On You – Savatage

Girl you knock me out Tell me what you’re doin’ tonight my love Girl I’ll show you what it’s all about Ohhh Yeah Stuck on you I am stuck on you Ohhh Yeah Stuck on you I am stuck on you now Places baby I want to take you home I could make you feel […]

Handful Of Rain – Savatage

From somewhere deep within It shelters like an ark That always takes you in The barmaid walks on over And pours another round For a lost soul at the corner Who prays he’s never found And the mind goes numb Until it’s feeling no pain And the soul cries out For a handful of rain […]

Can You Hear Me Now? – Savatage

Would it all subside To an echo in the night Of a distant fading light Then a stranger’s silhouette A burning cigarette And somewhere in the haze A passage through the maze And can you hear me now Or are there just too many doors Between then and now For me to ever reach on […]

Miles Away – Savatage

On a world burned by the sun And the moon arises like a child And the moment is undone And the stars never say what they see As the moon flirts with shadows it makes Through the fallen trees Some would wait for the morning light But I fall asleep ’til I’m safe In the […]

I Am – Savatage

If over his little plot he might be king And he finds his present world a little boring There’s no land that is so small that it cannot divide So come, I’ll draw the line and you just pick your side Ignoring anyone who gives a warning (chorus) For I am the answer you seek, […]

The Whip – Savatage

i’m a nasty kinda date i like to do it hard crack the whip till you’re scarred down-down on your knees give a kiss and a squeeze yea-like you to open wide baby baby gonna come inside, yeah yeah the whip is gonna get you drop you to your knees the whip is gonna get […]

Hall Of The Mountain King – Savatage

In a land caught between Time and space Where the books of life lay We fear This castle of stone The mountain king roams All alone in here But he’s not the only one Lost inside Forever hidden from the sun Madness reigns In the Hall of the Mountain King Oh yeah His deep Dark […]

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