Shameless – Say Anything

You opened up your ears and listened Felt it smashing through the pretense, through scabs of inhibition That the world […]

Admit It – Say Anything

When you walk by a group of quote-unquote normal people you chuckle to yourself, patting yourself on the back as […]

Plea – Say Anything

Please run Please run away with me Please come Please come Please come and stay with me I don’t know […]

Vexed – Say Anything

Your just a pawn, does this confession turn you on? I know your kind; you’d do me from behind And […]

Rats – Say Anything

And they weren’t there over an hour ago My ears are ringing with the sound of squeaking And I swear […]

Died A Jew – Say Anything

My people were slaves before yours invented hip-hop Apologize but I’m in on the joke Another brother to scoff at […]

Color Blind – Say Anything

That lonely aching comes from every touch I’ve grown accustomed to the grays and blacks Because they’re always coming back […]

By Tonight – Say Anything

You’ve got some teeth on that stare. You’ve got them tattered blue jeans on. You’ve done that thing with your […]

Woe – Say Anything

To form a makeshift militia and burrowed bloodily through my tongue and my teeth. I stood proud in the gallery […]

Spidersong – Say Anything

I have made them before and broken them. Give me the ‘go ahead’ and I’ll undress myself for you, If […]

No Soul – Say Anything

Like you’ve got no soul at all, Fingers crawling with ringworm, Your sneer’s a mating call, To lure in others […]

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