Spidersong – Say Anything

I have made them before and broken them. Give me the ‘go ahead’ and I’ll undress myself for you, If […]

No Soul – Say Anything

Like you’ve got no soul at all, Fingers crawling with ringworm, Your sneer’s a mating call, To lure in others […]

Spores – Say Anything

When I took a chance and called you up You said you visit but you just don’t give a fuck […]

Spay Me – Say Anything

You forgave but you won’t forget. I pray the day will come when you see I was numb till you […]

The Futile – Say Anything

Eat, sleep, fuck and flee; in four words, that’s me. I am full of indifference. What do the old people […]

Belt – Say Anything

So they carded me And they carted me off. Naked with that belt around my waist It was my father’s […]

Metal Now – Say Anything

so I can cower beneath your words. Cause I’m a freak from the same place let suicide make a meal […]