Performer SCANNER

Terminal Earth – Scanner

And our time has come All the stars are calling us back But we can’t leave Ever again Our starship […]

Wizard Force – Scanner

This time I feel like a winner I don’t cling to the past the bad times have gone Bound by […]

The Killing Fields – Scanner

Fighting for their own damnation See the honour and pride in their chests Targets feeding guns There’s too much hate […]

The Challenge – Scanner

With different names Their works done by mysterious machines Burn their resources Exploit mother earth the next generation will bleed […]

Tollshocked – Scanner

Proved true the difference of fire and ice We’ve built a cardhouse waving if the wind blows Lies may walk […]

R. M. U. – Scanner

From a place that’s named Galactos Led by R. M. U. Behind our back the unseen focus all-electric fate Avoiding […]

Buy Or Die – Scanner

She takes the bus, goes downtown She’ll have to give all her money away To buy all the nice things […]

The Law – Scanner

Over their God-given land Following their destination Independent barons Fight behind their king With a sword in their hands’ back […]

Warp 7 – Scanner

There was no starlight Now the rays are blazing in my face I’m the spearhead of the team That’s waiting […]

Locked Out – Scanner

They destroyed all of us All my comrades they have gone I’ll endure the pain This hate I cannot tame […]

Grapes Of Fear – Scanner

When human debris covered half of the blue ball it was difficult To keep the military alternative weapon From the […]

Telemania – Scanner

Glimmering blue light from a screen Find yourself under the influence Staring eyes and empty head You’ve got Telemania There […]

Terrion – Scanner

A time without hatred and riots Sunrising cities where people can live without fear This is why we have come […]

Wonder – Scanner

And in my pockets too Hell, I guess there is a giant-hole Where all the cash falls through All I […]