Category: SCANNER

Frozen Under The Sun – Scanner

Which of this paths should I try There is a man returning Guess he has got a false trial And when I ask him Hey man, what’s wrong He smiles and answers: I think this way’s too long Pushed and pulled at points of entry Gateway of my chances Back and forth – two steps, […]

Terrion – Scanner

A time without hatred and riots Sunrising cities where people can live without fear This is why we have come right from the stars Searching for answers that show To stay alive Listen, now we make you see How you can survive So we told It’s a place called Terrion In a time of love […]

Wonder – Scanner

And in my pockets too Hell, I guess there is a giant-hole Where all the cash falls through All I need All I need’s a wonder I need a wonder I need a new microphone A pair of leather boots Tell me How can I play my next metal show And save me from surrender […]

From The Dust Of Ages – Scanner

Landed on a world, attacked by gods who sent a storm Now the waters rise so unbelievably And vulcans spit a holy fire and destroy Spit it and destroy We traveled through the time To spread the human seed Wherever we’ve been seen We disappeared in mystery We came to see how people fight The […]

Ball Of The Damned – Scanner

Been invited to Lord Barker’s Ball Not aware they would celebrate their fall On the first day red wined flowed their bellies Hundred feet stepped and danced Echoes of laughter were streaming through dark vaults Barker’s eyes showed their glance Day two was the day of mysterious games Each winner got blood painted plates Added […]