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Babysize – Scheer

I have no need of you or anyone, And you are not my keeper, And this is not your place. I’ll scrub this skin, ’till I reach my bones, Close my ears to everything and everyone, And you are not my father, And this is not your place. And it hurts so hard, It hurts […]

ShЁ¦a – Scheer

See her skin her hands are blistered, Tongue so tied she speaks in whispers. And it feels like something, something good, And it feels just like, just like it should. Just like it should. This should be a time for grieving, Help me god my heart is bleeding, Please don’t touch me when I’m screaming […]

Wish You Were Dead – Scheer

And I don’t need to, keep thinking like this, Turned things over in my head, Things I’v done and things I’ve said, Better off this way you said, But it’s not easy to pretend. When all I have is you, Inside my head, You’re in my head, And it would be much easier if you […]

Demon – Scheer

Think I’ll put you with my demons, Think I’ll nail you to the floor, I’ve been watching you for seasons, I’ve been watching you too long. Take me, dance for me. It’s broken, Ahah See inside me what you have stolen. Ah ah If I stayed here any longer, I’d be drowning in your arms, […]