Performer SCHEER

Goodbye – Scheer

Our time can’t be over, All my dreams, see them die, As I kiss you, Goodbye., goodbye, goodbye. This house […]

Sad Loved Girl – Scheer

To win this sad loved girl, And if you could I wouldn’t say, That you could keep her. I’m here […]

Screaming – Scheer

Is these something you want, Is these something you need, Come in through the back door, When everyone is asleep. […]

Howling Boy – Scheer

And he is coming out, Howling boy, And he is coming. Boy, your eyes are wide, With something you can’t […]

In Your Hand – Scheer

Listen to anyone, Who says that they can give you, More than I can, All I have, all I have. […]

Babysize – Scheer

I have no need of you or anyone, And you are not my keeper, And this is not your place. […]

ShЁ¦a – Scheer

See her skin her hands are blistered, Tongue so tied she speaks in whispers. And it feels like something, something […]

Demon – Scheer

Think I’ll put you with my demons, Think I’ll nail you to the floor, I’ve been watching you for seasons, […]