Performer SCOOTER

Fuck The Millenium – Scooter

Are you ready for the new technology? Introducing the cool crew Yes!!! There’s Rick, there’s Axel and there’s me I’m […]

Friends – Scooter

We’re gonna hit you harder! Yeeah! C’mon, c’mon! Friends!…We’ll be Friends! We’ll be friends…We’ll be friends! Friends!…We’ll be Friends! We’ll […]

The Revolution – Scooter

MC’s on a mission, check it out What’s up, what’s up, Representing, the time From now till then, and we […]

The Age Of Love – Scooter

Rough bad on the case, I wanna hit your face. Music that’s the law, we’re gonna rock the place. Come […]

Rebel Yell – Scooter

Last night my little dancer, came dancing to my door Last night my little angel, came pumping on the floor […]

Endless Summer – Scooter

The sky has changed. Can you smell the sun? It’s time, for the most exciting season!! It’s time, for summer…an […]

I’m Your Pusher – Scooter

Scotland posse Sheffield’s gonna rock you once again This is a real monster tune Coming up with the motherfucking bassdrum […]

Hands Up! – Scooter

Let there be rhythm, let there be fun. We’re just warming up to rock the groove. On our journey of […]

She Said – Scooter

eight – nine – ten – eleven – twelve – Yes! Yeeah! Yeeah! Yeeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! […]

Fire – Scooter

Feel the energy inside. Chillibow, chillibow, chillibow. Fire!!! Fire!!! Allright! Sharp in the mix. Get the pressure! You’ve had the […]