Slave Me – Scorpions

Yeah yeah yeah Life’s a kind of struggle Living in this town I’m never looking back no Just ahead My […]

321 – Scorpions

Put your life into its hand Close your eyes and it will crush you Rage only spins you faster It’s […]

Hell-Cat – Scorpions

Fire in her eyes… burn… Perfume of the skies… Fingers cold as ice… freeze… Devil in disguise! Well, she’s a, […]

Lovedrive – Scorpions

The music rocks me down the motorway My whore’s got wings we’re taking off And I can’t stop this flight […]

SLY – Scorpions

In the summer of 85 The clouds just went and the day became so bright A child of love angel […]

Pictured Life – Scorpions

Your second sight can show my light In a crystal ball. Sweet are the days, intoxication Crow-black the nights caging […]

Woman – Scorpions

Woman you can change my world I’m chained to the fears Inside these walls The silence talks loud ’bout the […]

Lorelei – Scorpions

Once had a dream that we shared on the way There was a place where we used to seek shelter […]

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