I`m Goin` Mad – Scorpions

Hearing Nazi bells ringing from the church to farm That was never there Imagine I’m in heaven, but it is a hell Sun is drying out my brain The smile and installations are my pain I’m going mad I’m going mad I’m going mad Aaaayowwww!!! Walking through the desert Hearing Nazi bells ringing from the […]

Love ‘Em Or Leave ‘Em – Scorpions

Like a shooting star that lost its way Looking back with no regrets Living for what hasn’t happened yet Love ’em or leave ’em No rhyme or reason Break out to make out No change in the season Love ’em or leave ’em Put out or get out Simple survival No more denial Love ’em […]

No Limit – Scorpions

The Maserati comes unchained Smell the power and energy Come away, come away, come away You’re the rider of the wildest storm Live your dreams before they’re gone Feel the spirit that sets you free Come away, come away, come away You gotta live it up there’s no limit We gotta make it there’s no […]

Aleyah – Scorpions

Is not the way my life will take Because the limit is the sky The easy way Is not the way that I can take My life’s in pieces half the time Dancing on a razor blade Break the ice but never break Where the time meets destiny Take your chance and come with me […]

Passion Rules The Game – Scorpions

My machine slows down To take me where the night begins I’m playing everywhere Loving here and there I always take the chance to win Drove a million miles Gambling rules my life I only stop to start again I reach out through the air Good look is everywhere Can almost touch it with my […]

She Said – Scorpions

There’s no place you wouldn’t be lf anything, I wish I had Another dream with you Life was forever yesterday Nothing in the world could take Your love away, will I ever know That time will ease the pain For me someday She said I won’t leave you, ever Just love me forever She said […]

Believe In Love – Scorpions

To taste sweet revenge Do you want me on my knees How does it feel babe to let me feel your strength Don’t be cruel, can’t you see If you don’t catch me now I can’t stop falling down Just one more night and the devil’s got my soul I need your love babe don’t […]

Dynamite – Scorpions

With rock’n roll tonight I’ll make this night a special one Make you feel alright Shoot my heat into your body Give ya all my size I’m gonna beat the beat tonight It’s time to break the ice Dynamite Dynamite Dynamite Dynamite Hit the top together Get ya with my spell I’m gonna make my […]

My City My Town – Scorpions

On to that crazy place That still feels like home The world outside is rushing by It feels good to take that road Time after time I don’t know how you feel My heart is beating fast It has been way too long But here I am I’m back It’s good to know you’re still […]

Lonely Nights – Scorpions

There is an empty space Since you’re gone The world is not the same I go back to the places we’ve been It feels like you’re still there I live all those moments again Wishing you were here Since you’re gone There is an lonely heart Since you’re gone Nothin’ is like it was There […]

China White – Scorpions

Never will return A lot has changed, babe ‘Cause evil rules the world You said you’re looking for a place Where there’s no hate Oh, babe, it really makes no sense To escape How long will it take To make the world a flaming star How long will it take Till they stop their senseless […]

Humanity – Scorpions

Auf wiedersehen It’s time to say goodbye The party’s over As the laughter dies An angel cries Humanity It’s au revoir to your insanity You sold your soul to feed your vanity Your fantasies and lies You’re a drop in the rain Just a number not a name And you don’t see it You don’t […]

Someone To Touch – Scorpions

I’m the trouble scratching at your door When the moon is bright and shining high I’m getting loose just like the night before One for the money, two for the show You can’t resist it on a night like this I’m the answer baby and you know Tonight you’re mine, forget the guy you’re with […]

Catch Your Train – Scorpions

It’s six o’clock like everyday! Get your things run and forget the rain, Take powerpills don’t miss your train! And you’d like to be another A different guy and a better lover For your love, for your life check your way. And you like the Rock’n’Roller A different life and Whisky Cola But don’t be […]

Hour I – Scorpions

It’s hour one And it’s a nightmare There’s nothing left And yet it’s good to be alive There’s no use crying Cause the universe is not fair The wicked and the innocent Are fighting to survive Child stay down, stay down You better run for cover underground Child stay down, stay down You better shut […]

New Generation – Scorpions

A solution, far away The military won the war Certainly not for you and me How many generations will it take To cut the stream of blood I hear voices that spin inside my head It’s your voice that counts so much Here comes the young, the new generation You are the only ones You […]

They Need A Million – Scorpions

So many colors and the light I see the world and I see all the people How they’re running all the time I see your shadow over me Then in my ears I hear a symphony I see the world and I see all the people What they are doing what they need They need […]

Hit Between The Eyes – Scorpions

Take a ride to the danger zone If someone wants to cut you down to size You never argue with a loaded.45 Just when you’ve had enough It’s really getting tough I’m ready for that hit between the eyes Someone get me out of here alive I’m ready for that hit between the eyes Can’t […]

Unholy Alliance – Scorpions

And I just can’t believe my eyes It wears the same old face we thought was dead and gone Forever buried by the time Unholy alliance Unholy alliance It came up screaming from the ashes of the grave To make this world a battle field It’s got a voice that steals the courage from the […]

Hold Me Tight – Scorpions

When our love had just begun But times have changed And I’s better go Because it’s gonna be too late And all my love will turn to hate You’ve always known That music is my life And I live just for Rock’n Roll No one can make me change my mind ’cause I just want […]

I’m Leaving You – Scorpions

Ooh, girl, I’m leaving you Yes, I’m leaving you I’ve got to go tonight Ooh, girl, I’m leaving you Yes, I’m leaving you, I’ve got to go I can’t stay You shouldn’t feel so blue Shouldn’t feel so blue When I go tonight Baby, you shouldn’t feel so blue Shouldn’t feel so blue, when I’m […]

Where The River Flows – Scorpions

Where life is bleeding Where concrete skies are grey There’s plenty of room for dreaming I still keep coming here Follow those traces I travel back in time Remember all those places Feels like I never left The house’s still standing Down by the river where The dreams are never ending You find me You […]

Don’t Stop At The Top – Scorpions

You never take the easy way The wind is blowing straight into your face You never ever close your eyes For any trouble that may cross your way There’s no risk that you’re not taking Not a mountain that’s too high Spread your wings you’re gonna make it To the best time of your life […]

Don`t Make No Promises (Your Body Can`t Keep) – Scorpions

I thought, oh yeah, she looks rather neat I grabbed my chance and played my usual game I tell you man, it can be a strain She didn’t wanna know what I’d got to say Just shook her head and looked the other way And then she said, I’ve met your type before For me […]

Drifting Sun – Scorpions

Sitting all alone Sticky things are rolling down the mountain Well, see the lonesome tramp Who’s living in the damp Nobody’s in the valley Shine on, shine on sun Oh it’s so cold right here Shine on, shine on sun Shine on all night long all night long Daydreams are of silent blue Icy wings […]

What U Give U Get Back – Scorpions

As long as I can think I’ve been Running to be free There’s not a place that could have been too far Had nothing but a bag of dreams And this old guitar A couple of songs to play for you an me There’s so much love inside of me That wants to be released […]

Someday Is Now – Scorpions

Ice flows through my veins As my life drains Northern bound, my dogs are dying But I still know That nothing is impossible I can feel I’m getting stronger, the longer I’m pushed to the limit Said I’d do it someday Someday is now When I see the world around me receding No time for […]

Rhythm Of Love – Scorpions

I know you want it too The magic of the moment Is what I’ve got for you The heartbeat of this night Is made to lose control And there is something in your eyes That’s longing for some more Let us find together The beat we’re looking for The rhythm of love Keeps me dancing […]

Du Bist So Schmutzig – Scorpions

Obwohl die Erde brennt Even though the earth burns Wo du auch bist, da werd’ ich sein Where you are also there I will be Ich lebe jetzt, ich lebe hier in dieser Welt I live now, I live here in this world Ich atme durch voller Gier I breath through complete lust Damn you […]

The Spirit Of Rock – Scorpions

Every kind of fish We are a human rainbow We are whatever we wish We have been forever And we shall always be We can endure whatever We are eternity And the spirit of rock will never die Just like a rock in the ocean In the spirit of rock we’re flying high Always high […]

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