Borderline – Scorpions

You keep the torch, that eternal flame We bought the ticket, that one-way ticket The hottest seat on the crazy […]

Evening Wind – Scorpions

Listen to the evening wind Singing tunes of tamarind Into the setting sun You lie in twilight sleep Dreaming colors […]

Money And Fame – Scorpions

You lost somewhere down the line You know nothing about giving You should draw the line You keep looking out […]

Alien Nation – Scorpions

The night’s exploding everywhere When hate pulls the trigger The devil comes to take his share In the garden of […]

Steamrock Fever – Scorpions

The kings of a brand new style They’re hungry to play We’d like to introduce tonight The new heavy steamrock […]

The Cross – Scorpions

I finally found the strength to face The pain you made me feel I always held my tongue And all […]

Your Last Song – Scorpions

Writing my last song for you Hear the words carefully And you’ll see it’s you I’m leaving Don’t want to […]

Inheritance – Scorpions

Bloody money when it’s lent Scum reappear everywhere They want money, oh Heavenly would it be If some money belong […]

Far Away – Scorpions

Let’s try to learn to fly Here what I say, here what I say Dream and close your eyes Too […]

Dark Lady – Scorpions

Thinking of you all the time Sighing, crying Sitting alone in the doghouse Thinking of you all the time Sighing, […]

Holiday – Scorpions

You’d like a holiday Let me take you far away You’d like a holiday Exchange the cold days for the […]

Obession – Scorpions

At least that’s what I try to do And I just miss those days Our secret little place, Oh well […]

Fly People Fly – Scorpions

The rain will fall tonight And tonight we’ll go to the sky Because there we’ll fly All together Fly to […]

Polar Nights – Scorpions

That’s bringing me down The stars in the sky Seem to fall to the ground. Time, time… I’m chasing the […]

I`m Goin` Mad – Scorpions

Hearing Nazi bells ringing from the church to farm That was never there Imagine I’m in heaven, but it is […]

No Limit – Scorpions

The Maserati comes unchained Smell the power and energy Come away, come away, come away You’re the rider of the […]

Aleyah – Scorpions

Is not the way my life will take Because the limit is the sky The easy way Is not the […]

She Said – Scorpions

There’s no place you wouldn’t be lf anything, I wish I had Another dream with you Life was forever yesterday […]

Dynamite – Scorpions

With rock’n roll tonight I’ll make this night a special one Make you feel alright Shoot my heat into your […]

China White – Scorpions

Never will return A lot has changed, babe ‘Cause evil rules the world You said you’re looking for a place […]

Humanity – Scorpions

Auf wiedersehen It’s time to say goodbye The party’s over As the laughter dies An angel cries Humanity It’s au […]

Catch Your Train – Scorpions

It’s six o’clock like everyday! Get your things run and forget the rain, Take powerpills don’t miss your train! And […]

Hour I – Scorpions

It’s hour one And it’s a nightmare There’s nothing left And yet it’s good to be alive There’s no use […]

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