Lonely Girl – Screaming Trees

Gotta shade my eyes for a moment try and understand it all Disappear I’m just a ghost left over from another day Lost in thoughts with a lonely girl Never find out another way (Where are you) Lonely girl (Where are you) Not in my world Every day in total darkness, every day is hell […]

You Tell Me All These Things – Screaming Trees

The one that’s deep inside of me Late at night in the pale of fright I wake up only to turn on the light You tell me all these things in the desperate creeping night You tell me all these things while the darkness hides the light Seventeen colors on the back of the wall […]

Clairvoyance – Screaming Trees

Wild into the dead of night Around the corner I see a light See it coming my way run Standing on the ground waiting for the sign Whoa I can’t go on I can’t sleep I can’t last more than another week ‘Cause I know what’s coming then Forgive my lies, I see it’s too […]

Yard Trip #7 – Screaming Trees

The one that they painted on the lawn And if we load it up into this gun Soon it’ll all be gone Quarter to eleven on the day of my birth In the desert wind I would have a grin That might shatter the earth Whoa There’s three short ways to live again Crumble like […]

Cold Rain – Screaming Trees

With my telescope in my hand I had to go 27,000 miles with this cane Now it’s broken into pieces So little time remains I hear these voices in in the air And I know they’re just repeating The language of the land And the sky that I survey I’m reciting all the verses Prayin’ […]

Walk Through To This Side – Screaming Trees

I’m sinking in the pale light Drawing breath in from thin air When I think about the place I’ve been Walk through to this side Walk through to this side You stand on a tightrope You take away and no one knows The evening sun is dripping fire And tears are burning into your side […]

Witness – Screaming Trees

Everything I got and it’s hung me on the line Water rising up over me And I think I’m gonna die Think I’m gonna die I told a lie That’s what I said I told the one you know I’ll always keep Whose God is mine (3x’s) Whose God is The one with the witness […]

Straight Out To Anyplace – Screaming Trees

There’s a ghost in my head And he’s chasing me through my dreams I want to take a train today I’d take it straight to any place I keep on riding, keep on rolling away Woah yeah I’m burning baby, got no place to go It’s just a crawl through the weeks To destination unknown […]

Other Days And Different Planets – Screaming Trees

Time slips into the hands of the wrong people (I know you know) Crashing, howling something’s coming at you (You know I know) Turns to go when you don’t want it to, yeah She turns her head and never tells you who I’m moving fast so I’m unveiling The many ways that I am failing […]

Transfiguration – Screaming Trees

On your way past people crying Give them all a wave and tell them That I’m going to save some time for them If you pass me in the square Just pretend that I’m not there Just reach over into my pocket Take the paper and written on it’s what to do It’s up to […]

Ocean Of Confusion – Screaming Trees

There’s a change this too will pass And vanish in the haze This is moving too far Under the skin of your sight Ocean of confusion took me back to the End of the night Transparent dreams fade in my head In my eyes, I’m looking back for one last time Now day has broken […]

I See Stars – Screaming Trees

Held in front of what might be The books they all want to tempt me And try to set me free And now I’m on the other side Looking back at me The voices gnarl against us all Telling what must be And I see stars in the morning Not knowing if I’m dead I […]

Lines & Circles – Screaming Trees

I can hear them whisper slowly Like the chill wind That moves around this room I’m in They’re going places I’ve never been Saying words I’ve never said Thoughts of logic at once stopped dead Moving up all around my head Lines are forming, circling round my eyes Turning round, voice would never die Hey […]

Where The Twain Shall Meet – Screaming Trees

Push against the wooden table A sliver cut no trace of pain I lose its image as it blurs away I feel the rope as it slowly frays (Chorus) You never know where the twain shall meet You never know which one stays Keep aware of the trap that snares And which one stays Statue […]

Halo Of Ashes – Screaming Trees

Specter on the wind Waits on me so patiently I no longer can pretend Sky lies a thousand mile below Stars shine and the moon is clear With nothing I can only warn Won’t you be left near here I been a long long time away With one foot in the grave Glorified in the […]

Forever – Screaming Trees

No one is walking by my side I believe that if I get off track You’ve got something that can bring me back I go to you now and in a way you’re very different somehow Come on come on let’s go inside Come on come on go back to find Come on back she’s […]

Invisible Lantern – Screaming Trees

Shall I not ponder everything inside Can’t escape my mind I just let the shadow rot through my soul But I got illumination on the street Just a flash of confusion when we meet My invisible lantern, it’s my invisible lantern Anxious echoes seal the door Shoes on the floor kicking in my eye To […]