That Shit – Screwball

smack, kick, push, pull at your face”; Screwball (Are you ready?) Screwball (I don’t believe youre ready for this one) […]

H-O-S-T-L-E – Screwball

That’s right ugh, check it out Back in tha days where tha people were fresh It was one mc who […]

Who Shot Rudy? – Screwball

[Keron] Yeah, Screwball shit, yeah-yeah-yeah, Keron yo Little something for that snake ass, slimy ass, devil ass motherfucker out there. […]

F. A. Y. B. A. N. – Screwball

Fuck all y’all bitches ass niggas from my heart Everybody talkin shit but nobody wanna start Straight for QB, original […]

No Exceptions – Screwball

Life’s full of love and hate So we got crums to make Survival’s at stake We under pressure Still, we […]