Performer SEAL

Deep Water – Seal

One two One two three four I’ll kiss that away Both of them swam from a northern blue sky Smile […]

Dreaming In Metaphors – Seal

Love serenade, Soothe me with the morning sun. Help me find someone, Peaceful and non-judgemental. Holdin’ me back, And make […]

Fast Changes – Seal

Maybe if I search my mind a little, I’d come across the reason why you’re gone. Maybe if I searched […]

Get It Together – Seal

Get up on your feet and give account of your faith Pray to God or something or whatever you do […]

Knock On Wood – Seal

This good thing That I’ve got ’cause if I do I will surely, surely lose a lot ‘Cause her love […]

System – Seal

Someday, evermore Someday, evermore Someday, evermore Son, you better go for it Harmony Dissatisfaction In a pocket Full of lies […]

Fly Like An Eagle – Seal

Into the future Time keeps on slippin. slippin, slippin, Into the future So I wanna fly like an Eagle To […]


Don’t worry, come closer. Don’t cry. Ahh don’t cry. Ahh don’t cry. Ahh… Get moving or I’ll kick your ass…(background) […]

Walk On By – Seal

And I start to cry each time we meet Walk on by Walk on by Make believe That you don’t […]

Waiting For You – Seal

You won’t believe What I’m going through It just feels like I can’t afford to let myself go No, oohooo […]

Killer – Seal

Brother… Brother… (L) Sister… Sister… (L) It’s the loneliness thats the killer So you want, To be free. To live […]

Lips Like Sugar – Seal

Grace on the water Lips like sugar Lips like sugar Just when you think you’ve caught her She glides across […]

My Vision – Seal

I feel like the rain I feel like I just found reason for living again ‘Cause what I’ve been dreaming, […]

Rolling – Seal

I’ve been selling the truth Of a liveless soul All my live I’ve been waiting for something To give me […]

If I Could – Seal

There’s no reason for you to lose your mind, ‘Cause I’ve seen something, That’s gonna change our time. If I […]

Latest Craze – Seal

Security And all that comes with it Still the wondering How it ever felt this good When you do it […]

Silence – Seal

Screaming I’ve no Choice ’cause I’m angry Angry and lonely Silence while you steal Feeding from the Will of my […]

Free – Seal

My magic potion to love Telling him, I’m sincere And that there’s nothin’ too good for us And I’ve just […]

State Of Grace – Seal

So strange It’s funny how We came to meet Those eyes uncanny Were my invitation I couldn’t wait I couldn’t… […]

Loneliest Star – Seal

So far alive none have been right for me But your love, is a chance of love to take With […]

Loneliest Star – Seal

So far alive none have been right for me But your love, is a chance of love to take With […]

Wild – Seal

With you on a clear day, yeah. If tried I don’t think I could end it better this way, All […]

Tinsel Town – Seal

All the friends that you can borrow Everbody’s so much fun To pay for all the lunches done Always trying […]

It’s Alright – Seal

Say it’s alright It’s alright, have a good time Cause it’s alright, whoa it’s alright Now we gonna move it […]

Where There’s Gold – Seal

Where there’s gold you’ll find your way Maybe soon you’ll realize with what there comes a cost Time to pay, […]

Colour – Seal

Ohhh…. Colour fades away With a light descending on the day Midnight sees your friend Oh could you call his […]