Performer SEAL

Touch – Seal

Without your kiss I’ve been dreaming of the things I miss Your eyes, your mouth, your lips, your touch Your […]

Crazy – Seal

In a church, by the face, He talks about the people going under. Only child know… A man decides after […]

People Asking Why – Seal

Why, am I changing? Why do people, get complacent with the things they’re told? World disasters they come and go. […]

Just Like You Said – Seal

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm I, I am So unsure Every minute that waits Every second I’m away From you And love Is a […]

Princess – Seal

The princess and the liar Her dress is catchin’ fire Daddy’s little lemon ain’t All she’s meant to be I […]

Wedding Day – Seal

On this day we recall the memories, Of what we’re goin’ through, This day, we’re gonna win it, Givin’ you […]

Bring It On – Seal

Bring it on …it on it on it on it on it on it on… …Bring it on bring it […]

Newborn Friend – Seal

I wash my faith in dirty water, ‘Cause it gives my mind a little order. And I play that game, […]

Loaded – Seal

What have we done One of us came undone Which one Lost in the moment My despair Maybe we just […]

Let Me Roll – Seal

I’m a complex soul If you get with me baby I’m gonna do it all Ain’t got no famous friends […]

Human Beings – Seal

It is only love I feel That will give us peace of heart In my hour of desperate need I………………. […]

Immaculate – Seal

Of what might be Feather right skin And ebony If all the world Could see us now They’d realize That […]

No Easy Way – Seal

Close your heart Close your eyes Fake a kiss and Say goodbye Wheh you know it’s not the way And […]

Show Me – Seal

Odinah Sho-odinah Undah….. la la la la la la Different kinds of people. Different kinds of life. We go walking […]

Don’t Cry – Seal

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Those tears are for someone else. I hear your voice on the phone. I […]

The Beginning – Seal

five six seven The beginning saw existence of a chosen dream But then came pain (L) With energy striking on […]

Lost My Faith – Seal

We both know That the harder we try Can’t understand it We’re so caught up in the reasons why Station […]

Just Like Before – Seal

Raining came down like a melody at your door Heard it before Rain in your head Crying last night but […]

Prayer For The Dying – Seal

Da da, da da Ah, ho-oo-oh-oo Fearless people, Careless needle. Harsh words spoken, And lives are broken. Forceful ageing, Help […]

Whirlpool – Seal

She don’t know woo-who Yo’ momma would Yeah yeah.. ooh, no no Won’t a child know… Won’t a child… I […]

People Get Ready – Seal

My my my my… People get ready There’s a train a comin’ You don’t need no baggage You just get […]

I’m Alive – Seal

Yeah, yeah yeah yeah… Fell on my feet this morning. Two angels heard me cry… This is your fate hereafter. […]

Amazing – Seal

Your Amazing… Your Amazing… I want you to always feel you’re amazing… I want you to always feel you’re amazing… […]

When A Man Is Wrong – Seal

The perils of lonelyness The pleasures of love That we find The arguement’s immenent The look on her face As […]

Deep Water – Seal

One two One two three four I’ll kiss that away Both of them swam from a northern blue sky Smile […]

Dreaming In Metaphors – Seal

Love serenade, Soothe me with the morning sun. Help me find someone, Peaceful and non-judgemental. Holdin’ me back, And make […]

Fast Changes – Seal

Maybe if I search my mind a little, I’d come across the reason why you’re gone. Maybe if I searched […]

Get It Together – Seal

Get up on your feet and give account of your faith Pray to God or something or whatever you do […]

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