Performer SEAN PAUL

Fire Links Intro – Sean Paul

Dutty…dutty…dutty…dutty… Sean Paul…This one ya is hot.. It is a next Dutty Rock Dah one ya gone…It gone now…It gone […]

Like Glue – Sean Paul

Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, feel dat trend now, yeah yeah Sean-A-Paul, so mi go so then Chorus: Well I don’t […]

Get Busy – Sean Paul

Shake that thing Miss Annabella Shake that thing yan Donna Donna Jodi and Rebecca Woman Get busy, Just shake that […]

Punkie – Sean Paul

Hot sexy punkie, me punkie Gal me see say that you want me, you want me And it no matter […]

Trinity – Sean Paul

My main aim is to maintain Beyond 2005 stay alive cause a warfare Stay clear of the brain drain Cause […]

Ever Blazing – Sean Paul

(blazing up the flame blazing up the flame) (Ever blazing ever blazing girl yo) [Chorus] As the world turns and […]

Concrete – Sean Paul

A the gal them international dj comin’ Through, so yow! Respect due all the man Them inna the street but […]

My Name – Sean Paul

Sometimes I hear you calling out my name, And I hear you deep down inna mi brain, If I’m a […]

Punkie (Espanol) – Sean Paul

you must be thinking me come from spanish town, spanish town, spanish town Take this! [Chorus x2] Hot sexy Punkie, […]