Category: SEANCE

Necronomicon – Seance

The moon it burns – deeply in my eyes As I peacefully lay – anxious to die With every breath – I feel myself grow weak The words escape me – when I try to speak Unseen eyes watch me – the silence is alive Unquestioned faith – I near the end Old forbidden sights […]

Fornever Laid To Rest – Seance

High noon and I’d sell my soul for water Three days lost in this burning hell I beg you – master – baal – help me (Solo: Tony) I went to find the gate of shammash Eager to seek out the forbidden laws We all have them deep deep, inside Ref.: I know you’ve felt […]

Haunted – Seance

Finale hour you will pay – for your love to mystics Trembling, you kiss – your carved crucifix This day will witness my unholy death I smell the whispering angel’s breath Cold – feel – numb Lord – where are thou Blinded by the visions – why have thy come Floating in the twilight of […]

Who Will Not Be Dead – Seance

Alone – I have been left Contamination Fear – of what’s to wait Global hesitation My time is over – I’ll breathe my final breath Lying skinnaken – in the shadow of death Who among us – believe in gods creation So why do I cry – there is no salvation Blind – you must […]