Tested & True – Secondhand Serenade

Under covers, undiscovered is your skin I am lonely, please let me in You’re probably wondering what I was proving Are you choosing? Am I losing you tonight? Is it over, over? Are we fading? I never wanted anything the way that I want you But my words don’t seem to matter My words don’t […]

Last Time – Secondhand Serenade

Im stuck with writing songs just to forget, what they really were about and these words are bringing me, so deeply in debt that I don’t think I can dig my way out. i couldn’t breathe you in like i need to and the words don’t mean a thing. so i’ll sing this song to […]

Fall For You – Secondhand Serenade

Could it be that we have been this way before I know you don’t think that I am trying I know you’re wearing thin down to the core But hold your breathe Because tonight will be the night That I will fall for you Over again Don’t make me change my mind Or I won’t […]

It’s Not Over – Secondhand Serenade

And no, I’m not the one to blame It’s you ‘ or is it me? And all the words we never say Come out and now we’re all ashamed And there’s no sense in playing games When you’ve done all you can do But now it’s over, it’s over, why is it over? We had […]

Why – Secondhand Serenade

I don’t think that I knew the chaos I was getting in. But I’ve broken all my promises to you I’ve broken all my promises to you. Why do you do this to me? Why do you do this so easily? You make it hard to smile because You make it hard to breathe Why […]

Awake – Secondhand Serenade

I can hardly remember the last time I felt like I do. You’re an angel disguised. And you’re lying real still, but your heart beat is fast just like mine. And the movie’s long over, that’s three that have passed, one more’s fine. Will you stay awake for me? I don’t wanna miss anything I […]

Half Alive – Secondhand Serenade

Don’t get up, I’ll get through on my own I don’t know if I’m home Or if I lost the way into your room I’m spiraling into my doom I’m feeling half alive but I know one day You and I will be free, To live and die by our own rules, Free.. Despite the […]

Maybe – Secondhand Serenade

the sound of all the places we could go Do you fear the expressions on the faces we don’t know It’s a cold hard road when you wake up and I don’t think that I Have the strength to let you go Maybe it’s just me, Couldn’t you believe that everything I said and did, […]

Stay Close, Dont Go – Secondhand Serenade

is it half empty of our wins or have i ruined all you’ve given me? I know I’ve been selfish, I know I’ve been foolish, but look through that and you will see, I’ll do better, I know, Baby, I can do better. If you leave me tonight, I’ll wake up alone, don’t tell me […]