Seek And Destroy – Iron Savior

Exploitation – Infestation
Life’s ectincted – Stars eclipted
No light in the black

Dark encounter – Alien frontier
Suicide mission – Sacrified
We’ll never come back

Kill – we came to kill the night
We’re the warriors of light
Fight – we’ll fight the evil force
We gonna get to the source

Seek and destroy
Into the shadow we ride
Riding side by side
Seek and destroy
Defiant we’ll attack
Seek and destroy
The center of the black

Termination – Extirepation
Grim incursion – fulfilling the mission
By fire and sword
Hell – we’re hiding underground
To Hell we are bound
Die – until the final breath
We ride in defiance of death

Seek and destroy…

Solo: Kai – Piet

Black will be tainted by blazing red
The forces of darkness will burn
We gonna get to the center tonight

Lyric Seek And Destroy – Iron Savior