Chemistry – Semisonic

It was a long, long way from here I was old enough to want it but younger than I wanted to be Suddenly my mission was clear So for awhile I conducted experiments And I was amazed by the things I learned From a fine fine girl with nothing but good intentions and a Bad […]

DND – Semisonic

DND Now you turn off the phone How like you to make the whole world disappear and How like you to make everything seem so clear and How like you to make me want to stay forever Here behind your door DND Hang the sign on the door DND Don’t disturb us no more How […]

Never You Mind – Semisonic

Sitting at home after rocking and a-reeling All night in a cat fight With the only one who can make me cry Open the blinds and the world is in rotation Shaking my mind like an Etch-a-Sketch erasing Sunshine, you were bad, I’m Still mad but I can’t remember why I believe you know me […]

Sunshine And Chocolate – Semisonic

The perfect mate And when I finally found the one It was almost too late Underneath the auditorium She showed me why I would have waited all of my life For somebody like Sunshine and chocolate all over me In my mouth and on my tree Round my body under my hat Sunshine and chocolate […]

Follow – Semisonic

In something that’s never leaving Would like to let go the hurting When everything’s so uncertain You know I tried To show you what I have inside Will we laugh at how this all began When you’re an old woman and I’m an old man Take me wherever you go Help me forget tomorrow Love […]

Surprise – Semisonic

When I can’t stay around anymore They’ll look in all the familiar rooms Until they feel the breeze through the door Then they can say it’s the company that I keep So they never have to believe in the tears I weep I’m gonna surprise them all When they look and I’m gone, gone, gone […]

California – Semisonic

Dazzled by the mountains and we didn’t go very far Close enough to heaven if you Climb up on a mansion you too can swing like a star I tried to get inside I bought a Ticket with my pride and I was gone right out of my head I went out for a ride […]

In The Veins – Semisonic

Carried along on a changing tide Blind, blind rage and pure delight Running in the current side by side (Waiting for whatever we haven’t tried) Baby it’s amazing all the things a self contains Peace is in the veins, in the veins Be careful what you put in there Be careful what you put in […]

Down In Flames – Semisonic

I’ts feeling like I’m already dead I see from the ceiling a misty spirit Rising from a place in my head And I never even get to go down Down in flames I said friend you have a life to see Why do you scare me so? All the suffering’s a mystery to me I […]

Temptation – Semisonic

In a fourplex on the old high drive Cause something in my life was runaway Or maybe to prove that I am still alive Temptation lives alone and she works all day So I waited after five on her front porch She arrived, parked her car and she walked my way She smiled to see […]

If I Run – Semisonic

Now it’s me against the sun The day goes by and darkness grows And it’s over before it’s done Well I know it’ll be alright if I just get on the road If I run I can free my worried mind Yeah I know on the day I die I will lose my heavy load […]

Singing In My Sleep – Semisonic

Heard your voice in between the lines Come around from another time Where nobody ever goes All alone on the overpass Wired and phoned to a heart of glass Now I’m falling in love too fast With you or the songs you chose And all the stars Play for me Say the promise you long […]