I Wish – Semisonic

I wish I could see any scene but the one I hang around I wish I could do anything but […]

One True Love – Semisonic

And a sweet suburban breeze is blowing And down the block are the parking lights Of a hundred friends who […]

Falling – Semisonic

High above the rides, you, me and the sky The whole world looks small tonight And you said that we […]

Act Naturally – Semisonic

It’s growing like a tangled vine & rising like a river in the tide And everybody knew when you walked […]

F. N. T. – Semisonic

You delight me And I know you’re speaking of me Fascinating new thing Get beside me, I want you to […]

No One Else – Semisonic

Of my innerspace Come to town a while Bring your quiet place Show me how it’s done With a wave […]

El Matador – Semisonic

From the last young day of my life Malibu tides inhale Santa Ana Winds from behind Wade out into the […]

Bed – Semisonic

The way that you lead me on And I’ve got nobody but myself to blame Cause I’ve always just played […]

The Prize – Semisonic

One thousand friends said have you heard What we expected We are all working late and Waiting to win a […]

Delicious – Semisonic

When you call me I’ve got nothing left to wait for You’re delicious When you see me I’ve got nothing […]

Get A Grip – Semisonic

Here at the end of the lonely world You’re finding out If there’s someone to cry about Lonely girls and […]

Chemistry – Semisonic

It was a long, long way from here I was old enough to want it but younger than I wanted […]

DND – Semisonic

DND Now you turn off the phone How like you to make the whole world disappear and How like you […]

Follow – Semisonic

In something that’s never leaving Would like to let go the hurting When everything’s so uncertain You know I tried […]

Surprise – Semisonic

When I can’t stay around anymore They’ll look in all the familiar rooms Until they feel the breeze through the […]

California – Semisonic

Dazzled by the mountains and we didn’t go very far Close enough to heaven if you Climb up on a […]

In The Veins – Semisonic

Carried along on a changing tide Blind, blind rage and pure delight Running in the current side by side (Waiting […]

Temptation – Semisonic

In a fourplex on the old high drive Cause something in my life was runaway Or maybe to prove that […]

If I Run – Semisonic

Now it’s me against the sun The day goes by and darkness grows And it’s over before it’s done Well […]