Surprise – Semisonic

When I can’t stay around anymore They’ll look in all the familiar rooms Until they feel the breeze through the door Then they can say it’s the company that I keep So they never have to believe in the tears I weep I’m gonna surprise them all When they look and I’m gone, gone, gone […]

California – Semisonic

Dazzled by the mountains and we didn’t go very far Close enough to heaven if you Climb up on a mansion you too can swing like a star I tried to get inside I bought a Ticket with my pride and I was gone right out of my head I went out for a ride […]

In The Veins – Semisonic

Carried along on a changing tide Blind, blind rage and pure delight Running in the current side by side (Waiting for whatever we haven’t tried) Baby it’s amazing all the things a self contains Peace is in the veins, in the veins Be careful what you put in there Be careful what you put in […]

Down In Flames – Semisonic

I’ts feeling like I’m already dead I see from the ceiling a misty spirit Rising from a place in my head And I never even get to go down Down in flames I said friend you have a life to see Why do you scare me so? All the suffering’s a mystery to me I […]

Temptation – Semisonic

In a fourplex on the old high drive Cause something in my life was runaway Or maybe to prove that I am still alive Temptation lives alone and she works all day So I waited after five on her front porch She arrived, parked her car and she walked my way She smiled to see […]

If I Run – Semisonic

Now it’s me against the sun The day goes by and darkness grows And it’s over before it’s done Well I know it’ll be alright if I just get on the road If I run I can free my worried mind Yeah I know on the day I die I will lose my heavy load […]

Singing In My Sleep – Semisonic

Heard your voice in between the lines Come around from another time Where nobody ever goes All alone on the overpass Wired and phoned to a heart of glass Now I’m falling in love too fast With you or the songs you chose And all the stars Play for me Say the promise you long […]