Shadegrown – Sentenced

I have dwelled in the dark so long that I have become the night Here only the chilling Northwind can […]

Broken – Sentenced

I have come a long way where I started from but I’m still not even close to where I’m going […]

Nepenthe – Sentenced

think about all the good in your life – it’s only temporary think about all the positive sides in life […]

Disengagement – Sentenced

Darkness fills the life Covers the tired mind like the darkest damnation anxiety, oppression a wounded soul manages to escape […]

Rot To Dead – Sentenced

Dark eyes meet in a black corner of the earth Hate burns scars within our minds False shall be separated […]

Dead Leaves – Sentenced

Yes, autumn’s here again’ to put all forms of life to an end -Death has taken over and slowly fades […]

The River – Sentenced

Yet another morning that feels like this Yet another life’s bitter kiss It has been like this for… I don’t […]

Phenix – Sentenced

burned alive in the flames of love – the ashes scattered in the wind fucked up by the unholy trinity; […]

Fragile – Sentenced

So many times I have brought you down that I have already lost all count and I seem to be […]

Wings – Sentenced

The scars in the wind Guiding my path to the dark The breath of the silent night Approaching from a […]

In Memoriam – Sentenced

In the dark… in death Eyes can’t see… I cannot feel No voices… no light… no existence A dreamlike void […]

Farewell – Sentenced

I’ve dragged myself through the blood and mud and with burning eyes pushed the love away’ No, I’m not the […]

The Suicider – Sentenced

“‘.I am the light that shall lead you to darkness’” Well, here I am, I’m back again From the Deadlands […]

Dreamlands – Sentenced

in deep sleep… widen the landscape of mind! Dreaming… and seeing… more than a lifetime could give! And I keep […]

White Wedding – Sentenced

Hey little sister what have you done Hey little sister who’s the only one Hey little sister who’s your superman […]

Obsession – Sentenced

I am suffering frustrations of the deepest kind. I am getting weaker but my lust keeps growing. I am out […]

Noose – Sentenced

No way out of your misery Alone in pain and agony Lay depressed and hollow One thought in your mind […]

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