Wings – Sentenced

The scars in the wind Guiding my path to the dark The breath of the silent night Approaching from a distance Wings I cut a thousand cuts Streams run (down) along my arms stars blasted into darkness Strange scents, colours Catch! The sleepless eyes Sterilized by drops of pride Skies… mirror… screams Shapes foundering into […]

Killing Me Killing You – Sentenced

Baby, have you seen, there is a snake in our paradise A serpent that’s wriggling between us and freezing our feelings to ice And with each drop of blood we bleed because of this something so precious dies and it feels it really is… Killing Me Killing You Killing all we have As our loves […]

In Memoriam – Sentenced

In the dark… in death Eyes can’t see… I cannot feel No voices… no light… no existence A dreamlike void surrounds me silence… emptiness… peace of mind… in death In emptiness… I focus my thoughts on my life In death I have the time to think of the past verses I & II Solitude… won’t […]

Funeral Spring – Sentenced

so came the spring, came the light and gave farewell to the wintery ice now all is gone, this is the end. this snow in May reminds me… funeral… funeral time again… funeral so came the Winter and the Summertimes forever gone as all love for live blank the shroud upon the ground the shadows […]

Farewell – Sentenced

I’ve dragged myself through the blood and mud and with burning eyes pushed the love away’ No, I’m not the kind of man who’d play for keeps’ -The enchantment lies in the moment of goodbyes For eternity’ -My sun has set down I dream to flee’ As I suffer “the black” bleed into me I […]

One With Misery – Sentenced

The stars shine down on the crimson sky as the night falls upon The pain arrives and hurts like a twist of a knife’ It makes him wish to be gone So he’s facing the curtain descending with a razorblade smile He’s taken “the path neverending” yet only to walk for a while He’s gazing […]

No More Beating As One – Sentenced

She was no longer precious to me… I guess my hate grew much stronger than my love for her ever did (I was) so tired of chasing that person who made me feel loved and as we were embracing I cut and spilt the dearest blood I’m praying for her soul as this blood on […]

The Suicider – Sentenced

“‘.I am the light that shall lead you to darkness’” Well, here I am, I’m back again From the Deadlands I descend’ back from the dead, back from The End ‘I’m here to take Revenge! Soon the deathly dusk will fall and the Night I’ve waited for ‘at the dawn you’ll live no more Breathing […]

When The Moment Of Death Arrives – Sentenced

Wasted years left behind as an old man nears to death Praying his lord to forgive him for the sins he never committed The fear of dying – the fear of the fires of hell The fear of living – the fear of endless tribulation The scars of life – the scars from a faceless […]

Dreamlands – Sentenced

in deep sleep… widen the landscape of mind! Dreaming… and seeing… more than a lifetime could give! And I keep dreamming… Oh, I keep breathing… The Night! What treasures it may hide… The Night! What paths it may guide to… The Night! Time after time… Take me, unfold me! Hands on the Night… feeling inside… […]

White Wedding – Sentenced

Hey little sister what have you done Hey little sister who’s the only one Hey little sister who’s your superman Hey little sister who’s the one you want Hey little sister shot gun! It’s a nice day to start again It’s a nice day for a white wedding It’s a nice day to start again. […]

Obsession – Sentenced

I am suffering frustrations of the deepest kind. I am getting weaker but my lust keeps growing. I am out to get you. Obsession. Obsession. Obsession! Inside my burning heart. Obsession! Till the end of time. Obsession… you are feeding it, with every step, every breath you take. I’ve been watching you. I’ve been following […]

Noose – Sentenced

No way out of your misery Alone in pain and agony Lay depressed and hollow One thought in your mind -No Tomorrow And then you had made up your mind and thought it was your time You left this world without shedding a tear without hope, without fear So you thought you’d just put your […]

Dead Moon Rising – Sentenced

The darkness comes out of her shell… Yet another cold night in Hell with all the pain The dying light is losing its glow And my last glimmer of hope now fades away It is starting to rain again I’m coming closer to my end with every breath The creepy shadows are growing pale And […]

My Sky Is Darker Than Thine – Sentenced

Frozen soil… A dim moonlight I’ve been… this glorious rid Raise the arms in victory I’ve seen… on this glorious night I’ve kept my eyes open wide Through my dream I was given a hint: My sky is darker than yours, my star is brighter than yours A glance to the moonlight shadow reveals the […]

Northern Lights – Sentenced

At the dawn… The golden moon was shining bright With the silvery eyes of death They had seen me salute the flames in the sky …Northern lights… …Northern lights… While you were asleep I was awake to be part of the dark While you were asleep I was awake to find the truth I had […]

Forever Lost – Sentenced

“EVERYMAN, I will go with thee and be thy guide in thy most need to go by thy side” (grave – home of the brave?) fire…dance with me for there’s time for me and there’s time for thee desire…rise, my friend dance with me all the way then descend I wake up in the trench […]

For The Love I Bear – Sentenced

The silent peace this anguished morning brings leaves me to my grief Oh, so many years I’ve been married to the grave These bitter tears fill up my sorrowed eyes as I lay my head down and beg myself to be so brave’ Oh, how I miss your loving hate’ And yet I miss her […]

The Rain Comes Falling Down – Sentenced

now every single cloud becomes a raging storm as I go seeking for the one I used to live for’ since your love was taken away my heart’s been beating empty beats well, it will end tonight’ -the blade shall set me free a steady hand with this sharpened cold steel will help me wipe […]

Grave Sweet Grave – Sentenced

I have seen my funeral in a thousand dreams Its beauty’ Now the night descends and drowns me in this dream once again’ No stars tonight’ they all have ceased No moon tonight to cast its gleam ‘just a single flame lighting my journey’ Two at my feet, and two at my head Two carrying […]

The Trooper – Sentenced

You’ll take my life but I’ll take yours too You’ll fire your musket but I’ll run you through So when you’re waiting for the next attack You’d better stand there’s no turning back. The Bugle sounds and the charge begins But on this battlefield no one wins The smell of acrid smoke and horses breath […]

Under The Suffer – Sentenced

First came the wind, dark clouds and the storm Then came the snow which covered the ground white We saw them descending from clouds from the Bloodred Sky We just stood there and watched as they came, saw and conquered This beautiful sight made us blind with joy we welcomed the intruder as immigrants for […]

LET GO (The Last Chapter) – Sentenced

Now everything that used to matter to me is taken away forever gone The only things I really have left here ‘in this life are bitter hate and this gun From this trip I’m taking now I’m never coming back’ It’s time, tonight’s the night -the last one of my life This time I’ll just […]

Capture Of Fire – Sentenced

Fire… Fire… thou of forces the mightiest Flame… thou of wisdom the greatest Come forth for thou art needed Come… I was marked for thee It was written in the runes crowned in the sands of time It was whispered from behind the walls of the ancient wind …The Capture of Fire fulfills thy desire […]