Tribe To A Nation – Sepultura

So Inna Direct Communification Heal Your Wounds In Dysya Bloody Dimension Because The End Could Be A Violent Solution Words Are Not Dead Create Revolution We Haffe Grow… Nation We Call, Words Heal Them All Rock Dem Tribal, Cyan Never Fall Ram De Dance Hall, Warrior Prepare Fi De End Tribe To A Nation We […]

Inhuman Nature – Sepultura

Poisoned Hearts, Poisoned Minds Join In Hate We’re Like Machines Dead, Do Not Create Sitting Docile While All around is Rot We Point Fingers But Destruction Never Stops Can You Stop It? Do You Want To? We Poison The Planet Cities Contaminated With Acid Rain We Poison Our Bodies To Alleviate The Pain Of What […]

Under Siege (regnum Irae) – Sepultura

The dual substance of christ The yearning so human Of man to attain god Has always been a deep Inscrutable mystery to me My principle anguish and source Of all my joys and sorrows Religion domain is all i see Suffocate the scum with mediocrity Lying and changing your fate Anno domini ends – misery […]

The Ways Of Faith – Sepultura

Sky Compassion For Nothing, Purity Was A Lie Our Souls Have Wounds, Our Sons Will Touch The Breath Of Life, For All Mankind By The Faith Of God, Let Me Be My Name In The Name Of God, Let Me Live My Faith To Instigate A Fear That Resides In You The Mystery Of Each […]

Propaganda – Sepultura

Why don’t you realize that you’re fucked up Why criticize what you don’t understand Why change my words, you’re so afraid You think you have the right to Put me down Propaganda hides your scum Face to face you don’t have a word to say You got in my way, now you’ll have to pay […]

Mine – Sepultura

mine mine (stretched out) mine (stretched out) all the years all the nerve it’s the least I deserve a paper prison with thin white walls brown upholstery amour all (stop me, don’t touch me don’t stop, cause i’m such a creep) x3 stop me, stop me, stop me, stop me mine mine mine mine (stretched […]

Choke – Sepultura

Pray for another life Pay, regain your pride See your brain / Choke Watch it drain / Choke See your greed / Choke Watch it breed / Choke Fake, you’re falling down Choke, your neck is broken See your brain / Choke Watch it drain / Choke See your greed / Choke Watch it breed […]

Orgasmatron – Sepultura

the oustreched grasping hand my image is of agony my servants rape the land obsequious and arrogance clandestine and pain two thousend years of misery of torture in my name hypocrisy made paramount paranoia the law my name is called religion sadistic sacred whore I twist the truth I rule the world my crown is […]

Symptom Of The Universe – Sepultura

Electrifying Enemy Is Drowning In His Tears All I Have To Give You Is A Love That Never Dies The Symptom Of The Universe Is Written In Your Eyes Yeah Mother Mooch Is Calling Me Back To Her Silver Womb Father Of Creation Takes Me From My Stolen Tomb Seventh Night The Unicorn Is Waiting […]

Mayhem – Sepultura

In the boundaries of Hell we live Total death, total hate On the devastated plains we fight Evil minds, insane minds Mutilated corpses over the ground Soldiers of Hell, soldiers of death Seeking victims to exterminate Black death, black night Where the spirits leave their crypts Torture souls, drifting souls By the world of hate […]

Screams Behind The Schadows – Sepultura

Darkened by its own existence The end no longer exist when the spirit leaves the body Phenomenon that mankind would rather forget Shadows and cries Are found together trapped inside a world Hateful was your life in the past To torment someone is your present destiny I feel pleasure seeing your agony It burnst my […]

Arise – Sepultura

Obscured by the sun Apocalyptic clash Cities fall in ruin Why must we die? Obliteration of mankind Under a pale grey sky We shall arise… I did nothing, saw nothing Terrorist confrontation Waiting for the end Wartime conspiracy I see the world – old I see the world – dead Victims of war, seeking some […]

Biotech Is Godzilla – Sepultura

Street people kidnapped Hid from view “to save the earth” Our rules met Some had other Secret plans No… no… no… no… Biotech Biotech Biotech Biotech Say what? Strip-mine the amazon Of cells of life itself Gold rush for genes is on Natives get nothing Biotech Biotech Biotech Biotech Is godzilla Mutations cooked in labs […]

Primitive Future – Sepultura

They are deep and well-defined They show an undefined but straight path What has gone through me will never return Future won’t let me look back I just walk, I don’t evolve, I just walk Animals run by my side They try to communicate, each one in its own way But I can’t understand I […]

Border Wars – Sepultura

Borders All Around Me, There’s No Chance For A Choice Born In This World In A War Stricken Land I Will Do What I Have To Do And Go Where I Can The Walls That We Build We Are Taking Them Down Imaginary Lines Of Corruption And Greed The Walls That We Build We Are […]

Septic Shizo – Sepultura

I scream, so I can run away What I see in front of me Is only the reflection of my insanity Throwing me to the present Alone almost in despair My head throws itself against the wall Making my blood flow free of me To be born again, it’ll be a sad destiny To seek […]

Floaters In Mud – Sepultura

Stuck in the ground Shopping for support, nothing can be found The mind floats around Crashing back and forth, never really stopping Turn around and try to face yourself You may think it looks like someone else Look from outside, they don’t heal I’m passing through, shaking hands Eyeless, shit-faced, they’re not real Mud in […]

Dusted (demo Version) – Sepultura

Hidding the truth Revealing a farse Created by your mind What do you expect Exposing your lies Printed in your eyes There’s no alibi To cooperate and not be allowed They’re killing my name / sewing my mouth Prospect in life Lost in the line To cooperate And just be alive You gonna fall hiding […]

Against – Sepultura

The more I see, the more I hate The more I learn, the more I fake The less I try, the less I get The less I’m in, I’m never out Don’t do that / I knew it Don’t do that / I knew it, knew it You don’t know and I don’t know The […]

Mass Hypnosis – Sepultura

The fear crows as a sickness uncured The silence agonizes, the words sound strong Look inside the eyes, leave the world Hate through the arteries Mass hypnosis Uncertain of being back They make you feel so good Everything’s darkened Obey like a fool Hate through the arteries Mass hypnosis Soldiers going nowhere Believers kneeling over […]

Noman – Sepultura

Moving slowly in the sand Knowledhe is the weapon Against the hunger in the land Solitude met herself Lessons from the primal step Memories from an ending life Liars can’t stop the tribes Nomad, nomad, nomad, nomad Brother is the son of rape The blood that once united Wanna choose the way they die Look […]

To The Wall – Sepultura

My last steps march to the death Last wills! Hell! This is idiotism Fuck off to me. Fuck off to all of you To the death – I raise my head My last moments-it’s my existing countdown A cry for mercy trapped in my throat But even in hell there’s a place for cowards The […]

Beneath The Remains & Escape To The Void (live) – Sepultura


Manifest – Sepultura

Chaos has descended in “carandiru,” The biggest penitentiary complex in South america Over a hundred inmates dead and Hundreds injured on the masscare The police arrived with helicopters And over two hundred armed forces They took the jailblock Called “pavihao nove” And opened fire on the Inmates in a holocaust, method of Annihilation, the goverment […]

R. I. P. – Sepultura

Marked by envy and scorn Show to the world his mortal hate Die with regret There’s no lingt and there’s no air The rose’s smell corrodes me Rest in pain Rest in pain Rest in pain You wake up lying on wet ground Worms corrode your flesh Pick up your own eyes Watuh septig end […]

Cut-Throat – Sepultura

Telling lies right into your face Grab your soul and make a disgrace Make you believe you’re bigger than life No one cares if you live or die Waiting for the moment to strike To take possession to take your heart Turn your pirt into a farse Without respect without regret Cut-throat – Cut-throat Cut-throat […]

Desperate Cry (Original Mix) – Sepultura

Sacrifice Is Pleasure When Life Ends In Pain Conceive The Last Mistake Which Belongs To All Creation Of Insane Rule All We Hear: Desperate Cry Death The Coldest Wind Seeps Into Your Pores A Nation Born Of Hate Forgotten Distant Time Creation Of Insane Rule All We Hear: Desperate Cry Endless Empty Maze Despair, Distress […]

Amen – Sepultura

Forgive me god I know i’ve sinned With no remorse Apocalyptic visions Went through my head here today Gone tommorow It’s all insane I’m feeling sick I’m feeling numb The strom will come In the name of god i’m the chosen one Terror raids the land To ashes we’ll be sent In the name of […]

Reza – Sepultura

O desespero, a dor, o medo Fatores decisivos que te obrigam a pensar O vinho e sangue, a carne e o pao Chagas que nao fecham que intrigam sua vida O ceu e o inferno, a cruz o perdao A luz no fim do tunel e vida depois da morte Voce tomou sua decisao Nao […]

Endangered Species – Sepultura

Life!!! Struggle to survive Crawling, raging Feed the hate inside Are we going to see another day? Are we going to make it all the way? Are we going to see the light of the day? Are we going to make it till the end?? Rise!!! Bad moon rise Another war, another crime End in […]

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