Sepulnation – Sepultura

A Nation Built On Blood A Nation Built On Dreams Before The Tongues Are Mute Before They Hide The Truth […]

Boycott – Sepultura

Urban war, cracked-up child Painted in blood on concrete walls Carbonic gas, cancer land What do I care? What do […]

Policia – Sepultura

Dizem Que Ela Existe Pra Proteger Eu Sei Que Ela Pode Te Parar Eu Sei Que Ela Pode Te Prender/Te […]

Rumors – Sepultura

Loss for words – you lost respect Food for thoughts – you’re just a fool Mind of the weak, nonsense […]

Hatred Aside – Sepultura

Explode in disorder, no matter the prize Steps on the path the righteous do find Try as they will but […]

Who Must Die? – Sepultura

Who Decides Who Dies In This World? More Efficient Ways Of Execution This Is Not A Type Of Resolution Who […]

Altered State – Sepultura

Fear in my subconscious Terror invades my speech Faith in my own words No one knows the nameless Warm winds […]

Desperate Cry – Sepultura

Sacrifice is pleasure When life ends in pain Conceive the last mistake Which belongs to all Creation of insane rule […]

Dusted – Sepultura

You make me mute Handing the truth Revealing a farse Created by your mind What do you expect Expoxing your […]

Tribe To A Nation – Sepultura

So Inna Direct Communification Heal Your Wounds In Dysya Bloody Dimension Because The End Could Be A Violent Solution Words […]

Inhuman Nature – Sepultura

Poisoned Hearts, Poisoned Minds Join In Hate We’re Like Machines Dead, Do Not Create Sitting Docile While All around is […]

Propaganda – Sepultura

Why don’t you realize that you’re fucked up Why criticize what you don’t understand Why change my words, you’re so […]

Mine – Sepultura

mine mine (stretched out) mine (stretched out) all the years all the nerve it’s the least I deserve a paper […]

Choke – Sepultura

Pray for another life Pay, regain your pride See your brain / Choke Watch it drain / Choke See your […]

Orgasmatron – Sepultura

the oustreched grasping hand my image is of agony my servants rape the land obsequious and arrogance clandestine and pain […]

Mayhem – Sepultura

In the boundaries of Hell we live Total death, total hate On the devastated plains we fight Evil minds, insane […]

Arise – Sepultura

Obscured by the sun Apocalyptic clash Cities fall in ruin Why must we die? Obliteration of mankind Under a pale […]

Primitive Future – Sepultura

They are deep and well-defined They show an undefined but straight path What has gone through me will never return […]

Border Wars – Sepultura

Borders All Around Me, There’s No Chance For A Choice Born In This World In A War Stricken Land I […]

Floaters In Mud – Sepultura

Stuck in the ground Shopping for support, nothing can be found The mind floats around Crashing back and forth, never […]

Against – Sepultura

The more I see, the more I hate The more I learn, the more I fake The less I try, […]

Mass Hypnosis – Sepultura

The fear crows as a sickness uncured The silence agonizes, the words sound strong Look inside the eyes, leave the […]

Noman – Sepultura

Moving slowly in the sand Knowledhe is the weapon Against the hunger in the land Solitude met herself Lessons from […]

To The Wall – Sepultura

My last steps march to the death Last wills! Hell! This is idiotism Fuck off to me. Fuck off to […]

Manifest – Sepultura

Chaos has descended in “carandiru,” The biggest penitentiary complex in South america Over a hundred inmates dead and Hundreds injured […]

R. I. P. – Sepultura

Marked by envy and scorn Show to the world his mortal hate Die with regret There’s no lingt and there’s […]

Cut-Throat – Sepultura

Telling lies right into your face Grab your soul and make a disgrace Make you believe you’re bigger than life […]

Amen – Sepultura

Forgive me god I know i’ve sinned With no remorse Apocalyptic visions Went through my head here today Gone tommorow […]

Reza – Sepultura

O desespero, a dor, o medo Fatores decisivos que te obrigam a pensar O vinho e sangue, a carne e […]

Saga – Sepultura

Against One Rule, To Fit ‘Em All To Blur My Eyes Already Blind To Keep My Hands From Moving Free […]