Inner Self – Sepultura

With hate in my mind Feeling the scorn of the world I won’t follow your rules Blame and lies, Contradictions […]

War – Sepultura

Superior And Another Inferior Everywhere Is War War In The East, War In The West War Up North, War Down […]

Born Stubborn – Sepultura

Stubborn from the start Obey no one no matter what!? Our life it’s our right Why don’t you go away […]

The Hunt – Sepultura

We Went Into Town On The Tuesday Night Searching All The Places That You Hang About We’re Looking For You […]

Subtraction – Sepultura

First generation born A plague was created The cure is in my mind Solitude is all i see Powerful nations […]

Crucifixion – Sepultura

We defy his supreme force Crucified by the dark power His death was a glory Forgotten by our mind forever […]

Reject – Sepultura

A Common Fantasy They’re Only Illusions You See Them On Tv They Think They Know Everything About Us Don’t Think […]

Attitude – Sepultura

One week of struggling On the real world is… So you can see!!! Feel your soul and… Shape your mind […]

Necromancer – Sepultura

In this night Can fell the presence of death Way to the Mortuary So the dead’s will invoke Corpses and […]

Vox Populi – Sepultura

No Body Without Soul No Brain, No Information No Vision, No Protection No Church In Politics No Profit In Religion […]

Beneath The Remains – Sepultura

Deep depression of the nuclear remains I’ve never thought of, I’ve never thought about This happened to me Proliferations of […]

Politricks – Sepultura

Your Very Own Nation Push The Machine Aside Many Have Tried We Have Always Been There We Will Always Be […]

Uma Cura – Sepultura

Talking Mouth To Mouth To Find Our Own Mouth While We Step, Unsafe Ground While Rejecting Knowledge Blaming Fear In […]

Drug Me – Sepultura

Can’t come up with anything, my brain needs stimulation. Drug me, drug me, drug me, drug me. I’m so fucking […]

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