Set Me Free – Utopia

Just give me up and I will go
Let’s set it straight
Got a right to who I am
And if I don’t fit your plan then set me free

But you refuse to set me free
And you deny me of my needs
You have me under lock and key
Just set me free just set me free

You never cared for what I had to say
It’s just because you got to have it all your way
Well I ain’t no superman

If that’s what you demand then set me free
Couldn’t you please just set me free
You get your fun just hurting me
If this is how it’s going to be
just set me free just set me free

Now I deserve to be as mad as hell because
I just don’t get it
I place myself in your hands to fall
But I’m not quitting (No)
Feels like the time we spent was going to waste
Sooner or later it’s goodbye we’re gonna say
‘Cause you just don’t give a damn
So go find some other man and set me free

Just don’t refuse to set me free

Lyric Set Me Free – Utopia