Devil Boy – Seven Mary Three

Right through Christmas just the same The priest came up to me all up in arms He said: “Devil boy, what have you done?” Hey devil boy We’re gonna blow you’re house in Hey devil boy What do you think of that? For heaven’s sakes It’s only been 2000 years I can’t wait any longer […]

Anything – Seven Mary Three

Impossible to hear what you say to me at night Can I have some covers back? It’s so cold On the wrong side of the bed Are you awake, are you aware, are you anything? Pictures high, high above the shelf Letters from me to you, you to me, us to them Do they express? […]

Roderigo – Seven Mary Three

“I think I’ll call him Roderigo” Dress him up in darker clothes, sell him away Standing underneath her gun “Sit up straight or I’ll hurt you” You know he’s not her only son, just the strongest Tied him down to her tree Stayed fit to name him what’s he’s gonna be Tied him up with […]

Headstrong – Seven Mary Three

Headstrong unwilling to listen to anyone at all Keeps her head above the water Keeps her head upon her shoulders I know, I know, I know she has heard this all before She don’t break, she don’t sink, don’t think, don’t think a thing… of me Headstrong can fake an awkwardness Silenced by the price […]

Lame – Seven Mary Three

And he comes to every party… he stands alone Viewing them the rest, the corner of his glance It gets so clear, he’s not judging… anyone The way his arms float around his cage, he’s caged Canary sings, silently brings, his voice to rage The way they stop and stare, the way they turn their […]

Margeret – Seven Mary Three

Before she knew my name she was in my bed She was only… sweet sixteen 20,000 days younger than me “Marry me” she said I don’t reply “Daddy said you better, or you’ll die” She wants a house and fifteen kids I guess (She does, my love) And I can’t find a state we’re legal […]