Sexual Thing – Poison

There you lay
All by yourself
So please allow me
to introduce myself

I welcome you
To the house of sin
Open your mind
And let the games begin

I’m your lust
and I’m your greed
I’m every sick thought
that you ever done dreamed

Eaten your cake
Now you want some more
Mmm, where have I
heard that before?

I am your
I am your
I’m just your sexual thing
I am your
I am your
I’m just your sexual
Ain’t nothin’ but a sexual
It’s just a sexual thing

Lyin’ there
You look so horny
Talk is cheap
And startin’ to bore me

Hold me close
And tell me it feels so good
But damn, girl
You knew it would


Glad to have met you
So pleased that you’ve come
But I must be movin’ on
My work here is done

Best believe me you, child
The pleasure’s been all mine
If you’re in need, please do indeed
Call me anytime


They’ve got you medicated
It’s got you so frustrated

He caught you masturbatin’
You rather be fornicating

Lyric Sexual Thing – Poison