Rut – Shades Apart

about this rut I’m in day after day these same walls I kick in rip out my hair what’s so […]

Come Of Age – Shades Apart

You know you’re gonna change the world You get to be invisible Now you’re not ready for life You’re not […]

Starry Night – Shades Apart

(he) takes his whole apartment outside down at his desk he sits and writes under a streetlight one starry night […]

Gabrielle – Shades Apart

though I could tell – the trouble she’d spell – I fell for Gabrielle she said “;I can’t stay long […]

The Tilt – Shades Apart

Memory slips Call it bliss Curl your lips into a smile Ignition Let’s take a ride to see the fireworks […]

Know It All – Shades Apart

When you’re walking down the street Stepping through the air so non-chalant You try so hard to flaunt – the […]

Sputnik – Shades Apart

on your front lawn I came to see if you’re alright but you were not alone I will be around […]

Stormclouds – Shades Apart

Legacy of pain Blistered hands and fingers Dark skies ruled by flame Take this generation It doesn’t have to be […]

Dark Days – Shades Apart

But from here on its not gonna last The days are getting longer and I’ll have my time Tomorrow is […]

Calling – Shades Apart

I see the old man climbing to his roof Leans against the sky into the painted distance Tries to hear […]

Valentine – Shades Apart

she’s seen too many movies killing enough rainy days with nothing else to do we’ll make our escape like the […]

Cold War – Shades Apart

What’s buried in the ground A limit for tomorrow Doesn’t save the here and now It shouldn’t be hard to […]