Shadow Of Love – Samantha Cole

When you came into my life so suddenly
Baby I wasn’t sure if it ever would be
But deep down inside the love was so right
Never thought I could feel this way

Baby all of those nights
I was holding you tight
Didn’t realize our love would just fade away
So tell me what am I gonna do?

When the shadow of love
Lives deep down in me
It’s all that I feel
And all I can see
And since you said goodbye
It’s not been the same
And all that’s left is the shadow of your life

Do you remember the times you said to me
There was nobody else you would ever need
now all of those times are just memories
Of a love that we thought would last

And through all of the fears
I cried all of those tears
What was it that just made our love fade away

Lyric Shadow Of Love – Samantha Cole