Hate To Love – Shania Twain

I feel the waves embracing me I’m here to find Some peace of mind Time and time Waits for me It waits for me, yeah So here I am again Somewhere in between Hate to love Trying to find reality In a dream Hate to love I’m afraid to say I need someone like you […]

Nah! – Shania Twain

in case you didn’t already know I’ll never forget how you got up and left In fact it was downright pretty low There ain’t no way I wanna, you know I ain’t gonna Take you back, so don’t even try You can beg, you can plead– you can sweat, you can bleed Too bad I […]

Ka-Ching – Shania Twain

that teaches every little boy and girl To earn as much as they can possibly– then turn around and Spend it foolishly We’ve created us a credit card mess We spend the money we don’t possess Our religion is to go and blow it all So it’s shoppin’ every Sunday at the mall All we […]

Love Gets Me Every Time – Shania Twain

Love was gonna have to wait Was in no hurry-had no worries Stayin’ single was the plan Didn’t need a steady man I had it covered-’til I discovered That love gets me every time My heart changed my mind I gol’ darn gone and done it Gone and done it (gone and done it) Guess […]

You Win My Love – Shania Twain

Who can rev his little engine up He can have a ’55 Chevy Or a fancy little pick-up truck If he’s got a cool Cadillac With a jacuzzi in the back I’m in, oh yeah ‘Cause I’m a classy little chassis Who’s a-huntin’ for a heart to win Oh, but if you wanna win it […]

You Lay A Whole Lot Of Love On Me – Shania Twain

Stirring up a feeling I though I’d never find Ever since I met you, babe, I’ve been living in a dream You lay a whole lot of love on me A whole lot of love on me I get warm all over when you get close to me Then I start to tremble from my […]

God Bless The Child (Extended Version) – Shania Twain

God bless the child who suffers Hallelujah, hallelujah, God bless the young without mothers This child is homeless, That child’s on crack One plays with a gun, While the other takes a bullet in his back This boy’s a beggar, That girl sells her soul They both work the same street, The same hell hole […]

From This Moment On – Shania Twain

(I do swear that I’ll aways be there. I’d give anything and everything and I will always care. Through weakness and strength, happiness and sorrow, for better or worse, I will love you withevery beat of my heart.) From this moment life has begun From this moment you are the one Right beside you is […]

Waiter! Bring Me Water! – Shania Twain

A place we go to hang a lot Something seemed to catch his eye Oh–oo–oh over my shoulder Oh–oo–oh over my shoulder I turned around–to see what’s up A pretty young thing sure enough She was new–he wanted to Kno–oo–oh–oh–oo–ow her Kno–oo–oh–oh–oo–ow her Oh–yeah– then she flicked her hair (yeah!) Oh–yeah–he began to stare Chorus: […]

When He Leaves You – Shania Twain

Though I don’t really know you I know you’re in love with him And he’s made your world brand new I know you think he loves you And he may believe it too Pour some coffee and I’ll tell you What you’ll soon be going through When he leaves you It’s gonna more than break […]

There Goes The Neighborhood – Shania Twain

She’s goin’ home to mama – she says he can go to hell The couple down the block is splitting up I hear And they’re the third ones on our street this year It’s just another day in anytown U. S. A. Somebody’s hurt, somebody’s blue And somebody moves away What little they do to […]

I’m Gonna Getcha Good! – Shania Twain

Don’t wantcha for the weekend, don’t wantcha for a night I’m only interested if I can have you for life, yeah Uh, I know I sound serious and baby I am You’re a fine piece of real estate, and I’m gonna get me some land Oh, yeah So, don’t try to run honey, love can […]

You’re Still The One – Shania Twain

Looks like we made it Look how far we’ve come my baby We mighta took the long way We knew we’d get there someday They said, “I bet they’ll never make it” But just look at us holding on We’re still together still going strong (You’re still the one) You’re still the one I run […]

What Made You Say That? – Shania Twain

Maybe I’ll leave well enough alone Maybe, just maybe, he’ll want to be my baby What if he’s got plans of his own I’m waiting for the perfect moment Looking for the perfect phrase The one I finally choose is simply “;I love you”; As the words came out I heard a voice inside me […]

Bite My Lip – Shania Twain

I got a touchy boss that wants me in his hands, yeah And no is a word that he doesn’t understand He says baby can you work with me tonight I know he knows that I can use the overtime, yeah But I can tell he’s gonna hand me another line I gotta bite my […]

Bite My Lip – Shania Twain

I got a touchy boss that wants me in his hands, yeah And no is a word that he doesn’t understand He says baby can you work with me tonight I know he knows that I can use the overtime, yeah But I can tell he’s gonna hand me another line I gotta bite my […]

Love – Shania Twain

Album: The Complete Limelight Sessions Titolo: Love Time goes by, I know That I’m learnin’ Love, It lies No wonder I’m hurtin’ I can see the lies all over your face Only hope that time can help erase The pain, the tears That I’m cryin’ I can see in your eyes Your love is dyin’ […]

I Lost My Heart When I Found You – Shania Twain

I’ve waited a lifetime to feel this way You leave me breathless And out of my mind. I’m just so helpless So baby be kind I lost my heart When I found you Yeah, it feels so good To lose I lost my heart When I found you. I lost my heart to you You […]

Got A Hold On Me – Shania Twain

You’re standing over me Sometimes I hardly breathe at all I need a little room I need a lot of moon I got to find it soon or I’ll fall Into the emptiness Into the dark abyss Too deep to climb the walls Sometimes I want to flee But that could never be You got […]

Don’t! – Shania Twain

Do you feel what I feel inside? You know our love’s stronger than pride, ooh No don’t, let your anger grow Just tell me what you need me to know Please talk to me, don’t close the door Hmm, ’cause I wanna hear you, I wanna be near you…. Don’t fight, don’t argue Give me […]

Is There Life After Love? – Shania Twain

And every wish had a star Every tear had a shoulder to cry on And every night had guitars But every fool’s a lonely fool And such a fool am I ‘Cause every night I think of you And every night I die Is there life after love? Some things aren’t certain But some things […]

Home Ain’t Where His Heart Is (Anymore) – Shania Twain

And he found a part of me I could not hide And we’d walk and talk and touch tenderly Then he’d lay me down and make love to me We built a love so strong and couldn’t break There was not a road we were afraid to take And we’d kiss all the way from […]

I’m Jealous – Shania Twain

catch your eye–I’m jealous of the moon If I were the wind, I would make you fly–I’m jealous of that too I wish I were the sun shining on your face–caressing like a lover I would wrap you in a warm embrace– we’d be holdin’ one another (I’m jealous of the sun) I’m jealous of […]

That Don’t Impress Me Much – Shania Twain

But you’ve got being right down to an art You think you’re a genius-you drive me up the wall You’re a regular original, a know-it-all Oh-oo-oh, you think you’re special Oh-oo-oh, you think you’re something else Okay, so you’re a rocket scientist That don’t impress me much So you got the brain but have you […]

I’m Not In The Mood (To Say No)! – Shania Twain

It’s such a waste of time–uh, uh, uh Won’t find me on the couch–uh, uh Sleepin’ like a slouch–uh, uh, uh I don’t like sittin’ down doin’ nothin’ I’d rather spend my time doin’ somethin’ Ain’t no need to plan it– jump right in and jam it No need to say no–oh, oh, oh Chorus: […]

I’m Outta Here!, (If You’re Not In It For Love) – Shania Twain

Can I buy you a round? Haven’t seen your face before Are you new in town? It’s the same old line Oh every time Are you here alone? Can I take you home? Now every woman sees With every “pretty please” There’s a pair of lyin’ eyes And a set of keys He says come […]

In My Car (I’ll Be The Driver) – Shania Twain

when we’re watchin’ the T. V. Oh, babe–it’s okay And you can pick the flavor when we’re orderin’ ice cream I don’t mind–yeah, that’s fine I’d do–hoo–hoo– anything for you–hoo–hoo Ah, it’s all right if you sleep with your socks on–oh, babe! It’s okay! And you can hurt my head with your favorite rock song […]

Any Man Of Mine – Shania Twain

Any man of mine better be proud of me Even when I’m ugly he still better love me And I can be late for a date that’s fine But he better be on time Any man of mine’ll say it fits just right When last year’s dress is just a little too tight And anything […]

When – Shania Twain

But I don’t see that happening anytime soon I don’t mean to sound so pessimistic But I don’t think that cow really jumped over the moon When will I wake up? Why did we break up? When will we make up? When money grows on trees People live in peace Everyone agrees When happiness is […]

You’ve Got A Way – Shania Twain

Somehow you got me to believe In everything that I could be I’ve gotta say-you really got a way You’ve got a way it seems You gave me faith to find my dreams You’ll never know just what that means Can’t you see… you got a way with me It’s in the way you want […]