I’m Coming Home – Shannon Curfman

Ever since I’ve been gone Heard all about your women Women, wine and song Did you think I wouldn’t find you out? Did you think I wouldn’t know? Let’s skip the inquisition Consider this your eviction I’m coming home I’ve been hearing rumors I gave you the benefit of the doubt Ever since the day […]

The Weight – Shannon Curfman

I was feelin’ about half past dead I just need some place Where I can lay my head “;Hey, mister, can you tell me Where a girl might find a bed?”; He just grinned and shook my hand “;No!”; was all he said Take a load off Fanny Take a load for free Take a […]

If You Change Your Mind – Shannon Curfman

I can taste you on my lips I can still hear the echo of our last goodbye You’re the love I can’t forget I see you everywhere I turn I guess I won’t ever learn I always fall for the ones that I can’t keep I let myself get in too deep If you change […]

That’s How It Feels – Shannon Curfman

Sitting on a fence Watching the world go by Staring out at the promised land Just on the other side I can’t fall back There’s nothing left for me Everything’s been lost or broken And left out on the street Chorus: That’s how it feels That’s how it feels I know where I want to […]

Playing With Fire – Shannon Curfman

They say he sold his soul Hell-bent on being King of Blues Deal with the Devil But I swear there’s an angel in there Gotta give credit Where credit’s due Sittin’ in his rockin’ chair He put the mojo in the air Yeah, hear the black cat moanin’ Twelve bars and a man possessed Separated […]

True Friends – Shannon Curfman

Lookin’ for trouble Trouble will find you it’s a matter of time That’s when you’re gonna need someone behind you A true friend isn’t easy to find You’re gonna find out You’re gonna find out You’re gonna find out who your true friends are There will come a time Somewhere down the line You’re gonna […]