Where I’m From – Shelby Lynne

Heaven knows this ain’t no Margaret Mitchell where the oak trees meet the pines I know it might sound kinda simple oh but it’s mine oh it’s mine Thought I heard a logman cuttin’ timber down the Mississippi line I’m up the old Tombigbee river high as the pines, all the time Elegamment les batos […]

Thought It Would Be Easier – Shelby Lynne

I always thought is would be easier after you were gone thought I could pull myself together and do fine on my my own sometimes I do alright then I remember how I dreamed it, how I needed it I thought it would be easier I thought it would be easier They never told me […]

Life Is Bad – Shelby Lynne

Waste away to nothin’ in a dark dusty tomb lookin’ for the traces of what used to be a room wipe away the blood from a tormented brow solve the wicked problem never asking how Rock the sinking vessel till it rests on the bottom count the waves of water don’t remember forgot them taste […]

Black Light Blue – Shelby Lynne

Black light blue Heaven’s perfect hue the ultimate possession the game you couldn’t lose the voice in the corner the song you hardly knew the terrible admission some tragic lonely tune slow the Spanish dancer on a stage Black light blue is tearing me in two a mad revelation Shakespeare isn’t true the raising of […]

Leavin’ – Shelby Lynne

Well I guess this is it babe reality has hit home hard no need in puttin’ it off anymore just turn away and let me walk out the door You thought you had it all figured out but baby, you don’t know what love’s about It’s time for me to spend some time alone I’m […]

Why Can’t You Be? – Shelby Lynne

You and your element of dangerous cheatin’ death like a stranger but devils got your shirt tail clutched in the palm of his hand double vodka on the rocks on a plastic tray never fails you but it won’t take the hours away – hey, hey, hey Why can’t you be Why can’t you be […]