Love Is Free – Sheryl Crow

Two One, two, three! She got a shack Floating down the Pontchartrain With the water rolling in You gotta swim […]

Abilene – Sheryl Crow

The one that you left on the ground Well is the world too heavy for you If it makes you […]

I Know Why – Sheryl Crow

It’s the one thing that I’ve felt I’ve always known Cause it wouldn’t matter where you’re going Cause where you […]

Over You – Sheryl Crow

Like Valentines Like a Spring is coming And everything is all right I’ve got a love that’s new I hear […]

Perfect Lie – Sheryl Crow

All inside my head Reminding me not to forget Words, words I’d never say Things along the way Their telling […]

Wildflower – Sheryl Crow

You have always been my wildflower Showing up wherever beauty’s lost its way Your heart must break I was free […]

Home – Sheryl Crow

Now I understand What it means to give your life To just one man Afraid of feeling nothing No bees […]

Oh Marie – Sheryl Crow

Half the time, you’d swear that she is crazy Flowered drinks and low-cut dress That’s the way I know her […]