Performer SHOLA AMA

In Return – Shola Ama

you never know what i’m thinking babe tell me what you want i might want the same it’s been a […]

That Thing – Shola Ama

talking ’bout that thing i just can’t explain boy it’s killing me you got that thing talking ’bout that thing […]

Celebrate – Shola Ama

Celebrate our love tonight Celebrate, celebrate our love tonight Celebrate our love tonight I’ve been looking for a way, boy […]

One Love – Shola Ama

Yeah, one love, mm One love, one love. one love Yeah, oh yes You know you’re the only love My […]

We Got A Vibe – Shola Ama

Just listen to what I’ve got to say Check it out Everything is flowing smooth. yeah Feels so good Knowing […]

Imagine – Shola Ama

shola ama mmm yeah mmm yeah chorus imagine if i told you i want you imagine if it all came […]