Quavers – Shonen Knife

But it’s so complicated He’s my HERO, he’s my IDOL But I’m so dizzy of him He’s wearing a jeweled […]

Frogphobia – Shonen Knife

So many things that I’m scared of I don’t know what’s OK? Please tell me it’s all right I wanna […]

Mosquitoes – Shonen Knife

I hate mosquitoes ‘cos they like to bite me I hate mosquitoes ‘cos they buzz terribly I hate mosquitoes ‘cos […]

Chinese Disco – Shonen Knife

From the crazy 21st century It’s a glorious Friday night People are dancing to the funky beat Eating delicious Yamucha […]

Rain – Shonen Knife

They might as well be dead If the rain comes, if the rain comes When the sun shines they slip […]

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