Shut Up – Trick Daddy

(Trick Daddy)
What’s up?
Shut up
(4 times)

Verse 1:
(Trick Daddy)
Ridin’ ’round in my brand new ’99, 4 do’ Volvo
I got a pocket full of Bs
Cocoa weed and ain’t got no place to go though
But all my Boca Boys they know though
That’s fo’ sho’ though
(Are those Bugle Boy jeans you’re wearing?)
Hell nah, ho, you know they Polo
I been used again
Choosed again
This time been wrong to chop somethin’ dumped by one of my Union friends
Soon as they seen the Benz
Hatin’ season was in
Hell, ’cause they figured me for not understandin’ their reason being
But I’m the man for this
While ya’ll was doin’ fine, I was doin’ time
Just prayin’ for this
Locked up, make a plan for this
Without all that fancy shit
Way too advanced for this
Just Polo socks, tanks top, and drawers upunder my pants and shit
Shut up

Chorus (8 times)

Verse 2:
Okay, who’s the baddest bitch
Been real, been rich, been done had this shit
Big Benz, big house and shit
That’s right, okay
I been down with Trick
Okay, it make sense to me
‘Cause if your money ain’t right you speakin’ French to me
Miss Trina, don’t play wit me
Or you can say Miss Big, it’s okay wit me
You need a grand just to speak to me
Okay, now you straight wanna sleep wit me?
Okay, you better be fo’ sho’
‘Cause I done left niggas like you stuck before
Okay, you can ball wit me
Since you got a hot knot, spend it all wit me
Okay, ya’ll know what’s up
Okay, uh-huh, I ride
Shut up


Verse 3:
This goes out to my nigga Rolls
And them pretty ass jazzy hoes
Bitch, what’s up
C-O got a verse in the book of Thugs
So when I come through, bitch, show me love
Everybody that flow, then raise it up
You got that funk, then blaze it up
I got two rolls of them phat hoes
Late night and I’m ready to bust
Are you okay?
Look like you got a lot to say
Okay, come wit it
Niggas keep hidin’ your ho, what you do that fo’
Me and Money Mark be done hit it
Been done split it
Okay, playboy
Fuck you say, boy?
Don’t even much bring your ho ’round C

Lyric Shut Up – Trick Daddy