Performer SHYHEIM

Things Happen – Shyheim

“;Sup, how was your ride.”; “;It was long, but I’m aiiight.”; “;True, true.”; “;So you takin care of yourself in […]

Shaolin Style – Shyheim

Where my Shaolin peoples at? Stapleton, the craziest, y’all know what time it is Wild wild West Now born, Killa […]

Still There – Shyheim

yo let me tell ya son this one of them gettin dick sucked type tracks im tellin you, in the […]

Shit Iz Real – Shyheim

Where all my niggaz at? We up in here, what? Word up, all my peoples Crim-criminals in the penile Where […]

Life As A Shorty – Shyheim

Thug niggaz bounce to this, only thug niggaz bounce to this, word up, I wan’t no fruitcake ass? niggaz bouncing […]

Real Bad Boys – Shyheim

Screw on the silencers, screw on the silencers Cuz real bad boys movin’ silence Screw on the sliencers, screw on […]

Dear God – Shyheim

I’m workin out in this world that you made G Homicide rapes and robberies When it happens in my neighborhood […]

Young Godz – Shyheim

Yo *echoes* Older cats *echoes* Yo *echoes* Whassup Rae? What’s going on Son? Whattup dude? Yeah, I ain’t see y’all […]

5 Elements – Shyheim

With shorty Shy [Rubbabandz] Yo.. yo.. I raise all hell when I, start to stain Crab niggaz, I recon, you […]

Jiggy Comin – Shyheim

Hello? (arabic voice) You have a collect call phone call In a New York state correctional facility Press five five […]