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Get Out – Shyne

[Shyne] Yeah, yeah This ones for my Brooklyn playboys This ones for my L. A. playboys This ones for my Chi-town playboys ATL, down south NC, SC Where you be? Come on, just play it with me [Shyne] When it come to hoes, we don’t love not one Fuckin a friend ain’t no option It’s […]

The Hit – Shyne

Look at this nigga, stuntin in front of Justin’s, actin silly If it wasn’t cops all over, I’d smack him with this milli You hoe niggaz move a brick and think they rich Get a few guns and a click and wanna take over shit Ain’t that the same kid that shot Reg in the […]

Let Me See Your Hands – Shyne

Let’s go Shyne, pro, bust pipes get right Bang, stop, roll head throw the dice White Air Force Ones, monies in rubber bands America’s number one dope man Racin through the city with Uncle Paul and Diddy Hennesey frontin, lookin brock and gritty Tryin to meet somethin, so I can skeeet somethin Five with it, […]

Commission – Shyne

From cuttin’ solid Purico to stack Fritos went from grams to kilos Mac in one hand, in the other hand grands and C-notes game got my eyes wider than a 430 Buggy no tellin’ what the fuck I’ll do for this money stay posted up close with killers and cut throats the thoroughest bitches who […]