Performer SHYNE

It’s OK – Shyne

Geah, uhh, uhh, uhh Uh-huh, like that Geah, uhh Ten bricks nigga in the air, hold tec It’s that motherfuckin […]

Bonnie & Shyne – Shyne

[Shyne] In front of Gucci in the winter, I seen ya witcha girl Just walkin’ uh – in ya chin […]

Get Out – Shyne

[Shyne] Yeah, yeah This ones for my Brooklyn playboys This ones for my L. A. playboys This ones for my […]

The Hit – Shyne

Look at this nigga, stuntin in front of Justin’s, actin silly If it wasn’t cops all over, I’d smack him […]

Commission – Shyne

From cuttin’ solid Purico to stack Fritos went from grams to kilos Mac in one hand, in the other hand […]