Category: SICK OF-IT-ALL

Potential For A Fall – Sick Of It All

out for ourselves, bred to consume in pursuit of wealth and the ones in charge, once secure show disregard for future generations who must endure what’s left behind no compassion, no caution, no forethought potential for a fall no forethought, no vision, no future potential for a fall go about our lives as we turn […]

Burn ’em Down – Sick Of It All

at a point to make a decision do you play the game for monetary gain or do you follow a code of ethics having to deal with some with the charm of a snake that speaks with a forked tongue they’ll keep a casual bond to use you later on disconnect yourself and get away […]

The Future Is Mine – Sick Of It All

with your sick polluted soul if you want to save me leave me alone the future’s mine it’s such a waste of precious time, precious years precious feelings that are misdirected and should be disconnected it’s such a shame to learn a lesson after giving of yourself in all so many ways to find it […]

Martin – Sick Of It All

martin wants out of this but poverty keeps him in this place sratching like the vermin between the walls martin needs a friend but the people the he meets just give him shit and pretend, they’re no good he’s not blind, all he needs is a single ray of light life’s too short but seems […]

Good Lookin’ Out – Sick Of It All

want to give in, want to give up despair washes over you where do you go, what will you do your mind is racing in a million directions all at once where will you turn you’re not in this alone just look around, and you’ll see the answers right before your eyes I’m here for […]

Nice – Sick Of It All

civility, most annoying habit isn’t what I want, can’t be what I want eating at me, it’s eating at me patience is a thorn in my side another thorn in my side feelings bottled up inside ready to suffer the considiration another test, I grit my teeth and stand it try to ignore the most […]

Morally Confused – Sick Of It All

the scum that keeps my emotions numb fight with the images, i fight with my thoughts suppress all the violence & keep backing off am i still good if i want to see it am i still sane if i want to feel it the love in my heart ain’t the answer to it blood […]