Category: SICK OF-IT-ALL

Martin – Sick Of It All

martin wants out of this but poverty keeps him in this place sratching like the vermin between the walls martin needs a friend but the people the he meets just give him shit and pretend, they’re no good he’s not blind, all he needs is a single ray of light life’s too short but seems […]

Good Lookin’ Out – Sick Of It All

want to give in, want to give up despair washes over you where do you go, what will you do your mind is racing in a million directions all at once where will you turn you’re not in this alone just look around, and you’ll see the answers right before your eyes I’m here for […]

Nice – Sick Of It All

civility, most annoying habit isn’t what I want, can’t be what I want eating at me, it’s eating at me patience is a thorn in my side another thorn in my side feelings bottled up inside ready to suffer the considiration another test, I grit my teeth and stand it try to ignore the most […]

Morally Confused – Sick Of It All

the scum that keeps my emotions numb fight with the images, i fight with my thoughts suppress all the violence & keep backing off am i still good if i want to see it am i still sane if i want to feel it the love in my heart ain’t the answer to it blood […]