Majesties Infernal – Siebenburgen

Under a nightly sky In ecstasy of the newly born Creatures of a time forgotten And a place forlorn Hear their cries Look deep into their eyes Watch them fly into the night Try to reveal What they have concealed And they will let you burn “….Glory to the Kings of night Hail the Ones […]

Storms – Siebenburgen

For eternity Obsessed by thy soul The life of a sinner As the storms draws near Behold the visions Awakened to the sky Filled with flaming thoughts The storms of what thy fear What have become? When all is concealed See the shapes of thy likes As centuries has failed Finding through the darkness The […]

Thou Blessed Be By Night – Siebenburgen

Silent thou wandered the forest that night Stalked through the shadows, not a sound or sight The fullmoon was calling, thou could not sleep Nor find peace in thy grave, thy keep Flickering shadows embraced thee that night Embraced thee in darkness, caressed thee with might Thy hunger was pain, thy pain was lust Ashes […]

Vintervila – Siebenburgen

Nu stдngs grind klдdd i ros och akleja Еter stillas nattlig dans Nu hцljs himmel av vinterns slцja Solstrеle finns ingenstans Tusen еr av enslig vinter Skall bryta ned rosens stjдlk Slita sцnder fд och frдnder Bjuda blod och evig svдlt Vintervila – Evig vila Besannad дr du onda drцm Vintervila – Evig vila Vintervila, […]

Grimjaur – Siebenburgen

Svarta klippor, vidder karga Likt sitt folk дr denna trakt, Dдr iskallt mцrker, hat och blodtцrst Mеngen sjдl om livet bragt Nu krigets vindar еter viner Цver stenslдtt och ruiner Norrifrеn ses trupper bryta In mot land lдngs ishavsyta (STRAX DE KRISTNAS BLOD SKALL FLYTA) Ansorg, Harm, Sarwyrior, org Daur Ansorg, Harm, Fhaur….Grimjaur Ut i […]