Performer SIGH

Taste Defeat – Sigh

Mortal or immortal? It doesn’t matter to me, I’ve found the secret, I’ve found the key, Death means nothing, life […]

Doman Seman – Sigh

the symbol of death for you (is) the symbol of power for me nine letters, nine words, evil verse… the […]

12 Souls – Sigh

nobody knows what happened here, nobody knows… the truth may be buried, but cannot be forgotten for the truth is […]

Curse Of Izanagi – Sigh

as I believe in the power of izanagi forbidden knowledge I will unleash my curse will last for eternity the […]

Shikigami – Sigh

I, I’ll slay their very souls I, I command the spirits to obey I, I will let them die in […]

At My Funeral – Sigh

Hearing the mourners cry, seeing my body lie, The symbolized iniquity, journey into eternity, The funeral is for me, it […]

The Knell – Sigh

The avatar of evil is coming out of serenity, Vioce that can’t be voice is piercing through your deafened ears, […]

42 49 – Sigh

I curse the devil, I curse god I deny hell, I deny heaven my curse will not be broken, ever! […]

Invitation To Die – Sigh

and at dawn we watch the shadows flee the night yet our pleasure is muted before life’s final event for […]

Hail Horror Hail – Sigh

and the voices that compel me to hunt …to think the unthinkable… …commit the unspeakable… I wait for the dark, […]

Shingontachikawa – Sigh

the principle of all things, that rules us all the time the hidden power my lust evokes, known in ancient […]

Weakness Within – Sigh

Destruction of the body will begin, weakness within, Touching their mind, weakness within, The existence resigned, weakness within, Lurking in […]

The Dead Sing – Sigh

it is a song of vengeance filled with hate for the fury and flame of hell is burning burning your […]

Seed Of Eternity – Sigh

all the feelings that I have bred fade as I am dead my thoughts and my will incinerate in searing […]

Ready For The Final War – Sigh

Disorder and chaos, let all the light disappear, Lord god, prepare for our blasphemy, The winged warriors take their black […]