Category: SIGH

A Victory Of Dakini – Sigh

The symbol of our evil horde, soon our work will be done, Our goddess on the white fox flying in the air, Bodies of the mortal fools the evil goddess will tear, Night draws near, something you fear We dakini horde will be up here, Human hand in the left hand, human leg in the […]

Seed Of Eternity – Sigh

all the feelings that I have bred fade as I am dead my thoughts and my will incinerate in searing flame all the visions come back to me no more tears to shed at the very moment of ecstasy I feel death so expressly death stems from life and life from death it cycles endlessly […]

Ready For The Final War – Sigh

Disorder and chaos, let all the light disappear, Lord god, prepare for our blasphemy, The winged warriors take their black spears, Five evil lords will finaly ascend, Against the light vengeance now begins, Reign of the light will soon come to an end, To shambhala will all our sins, Into the night of depths, When […]