Performer SILK

Ebony Eyes – Silk

Love is as love does And I choose you, I choose you Wind in your hair, sun on your skin […]

Love Session – Silk

Plug me up to the love session baby (Plug me up baby) Yeah, c’mon Yeah, 2000 watts Yeah, say boom […]

Freak Me – Silk

Til you say stop Let me play with your body baby Make you real hot Let me do all the […]

Ahh – Silk

Whatchu got on? For real? Quit playin’ You know I want it right here, right? You know what I’m tryin’ […]

Hooked On You – Silk

Yeah, come on I got hooked on you, oh oh (You got me hooked, baby) 1 – There’s no living […]

Superstar – Silk

Twinkling like the star that you are And I’ll take it personal If you say that you can’t go Oh […]

Lose Control – Silk

I really didn’t I’m so sorry I just want you to sit down for just a minute Let me talk […]

Playa Road – Silk

Yeah, whassup baby, whatchu doing? Nothing? It’s funny, I’m doing nuthin’ too And I’m bored, so why don’t we do […]

Turn-U-Out – Silk

Hey, yeah Love you S-I-L-K 2,000 Watts, where we bring music to the future Now, all of you Silk people […]

Treated Like A Lady – Silk

Lady, lady I’m checkin’ for you I’m checkin’ for you Lady, lady You should be treated like I’ve been seein’ […]

The Return – Silk

But you’ve been so good, you took good care of us Sometimes you know we might give out But we […]