If It Don’t Make $ – Silkk The Shocker

House wit Versace and shit but I just throw some jeans on Picked up my phone, called my niggas but they wasnt at home Shit mo like this(beep, beep)leave a message after the tone Front back side to side in my 64 just cause I rap everyboby see me everybody start to hit the floor […]

It’s Going Around Outside – Silkk The Shocker

Yo’ let me holla at y’all for a minute It’s like when, I was in the ghetto I was never in the ghetto, because my mind was elsewhere And if I was locked down, I would invision myself being free But God, I got so many questions I just want you to anwser Help Me […]

End Of The Road – Silkk The Shocker

I don’t expect y’all to understand this Cause y’all ain’t never lost nobody But imagine the closest person to you See everybody feel it But some of us Feel it more than the rest Just think about it It only add More to the stress I try to live my life day by day And […]

This For My… – Silkk The Shocker

Look alive, recognize, my man Shocker Money, power, fame, ya know I’m saying, whatever But listen, who you really do this for Shocker? Tell em what you really do this for [Silkk] This for my thug niggas (huh), what, my drug dealers From the pound to mix around, hard to give you a hug niggas […]

My World, My Way – Silkk The Shocker

South, North, East, West What (huh) What (huh) What (huh) What (huh) What What you thought c’mon [Hook] What y’all bout Cash and riches – something like Jags and 6’s What y’all hate How niggaz stunt and front when they know that they fake What y’all love How No Limit keep it real stay ridin’ […]

You Ain’t Gotta Lie To Kick It – Silkk The Shocker

You ain’t gotta lie to kick it, You ain’t gotta lie to kick it to be with me, You ain’t gotta lie to kick it, You ain’t gotta lie to kick it, whats it gonna be, its gonna be you ain’t gotta lie to me (2X) Verse 1 (Silkk) Now you ain’t gotta lie to […]

Mr. ’99 – Silkk The Shocker

Yeah that’s me, yeah that’s me, yeah that’s me Mistah! Mistah! Mistah! Call me what you want As long as you got Mr. in front Mistah, yeah I did it Mistah, yeah I hit it Mistah, yeah I got it Mistah, yeah I copped it Mistah, four point six, know what’s on my wrist Mistah, […]

Haters – Silkk The Shocker

These niggas can either love us or hate us Nothin’ in between that In or out ya hear me [Hook 2x’s] Haters (Haters) What you ain’t heard the tank don’t stop (We don’t stop) Ain’t nobody fuckin’ with this (Scream nigga) No Limit No Limit (What) [Samm] Now how the fuck you gon’ stop a […]

D-Game (Remix) – Silkk The Shocker

What’s up playa? You looking slick with that Hundred G chain with the bracelet to match Check this out here whodi lay on the ground For I show your clown ass how the hot boys sound They going click click blow, blow click click blow, Click click blow, blow click click blow Click click blow, […]

Who Can I Trust – Silkk The Shocker

(fucking organization) I thought you could be trusted (I thought you could be fucking trusted) You could have had anything (You could have had anything) How could you betray the family Loyalty is everything (every fucking thing) You broke the rules (you broke the fucking rules) its a code we live by there’s no turning […]

The Shocker – Silkk The Shocker

Wassup, wassup? Straight up muthafuckin’ gangsta (muthafuckin’ gangsta) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Bitch Im’a killa for reala that’s no joke slide nigga either fast or slow I gotsta pop nigga don’t stop cuz one of us gotsta go muthafuckas be trippin’ I’m from these streets where the mission is to die Preparin’ like I […]

Na Na Na – Silkk The Shocker

Sizz Shocker [Silkk] Son of a oh [Master P] You ready whodi; let’s go to war [Chorus x2] Na Na Na (uh-ha, uh-ha) Y’all niggas in trouble now (uh-ha, uh-ha) Y’all niggas shouldn’t have fucked around (uh-uh, uh-uh) No Limit gone shut this down [Silkk] They got something to fear now Cause look dude ain’t […]

Murder – Silkk The Shocker

(Y’all niggaz out there bangin) Switch! (claimin red and blue) Y’all niggaz bout it? Nigga be a leader not a follower (my muthafuckin TRU tatoo) Uuunnnggghhh! Chorus (2X): Murder, murder, murder, murder 187, cause I don’t give a fuck [Silkk] Well, it’s time to ride, slide them niggaz that fucked up, they lucked up Seen […]

It Ain’t My Fault 2 – Silkk The Shocker

What’s really happenin? This shit again for the 99 Silkk The Shocker, Mystikal, and Craig B It still ain’t my fuckin fault Ya heard me? Chorus [Silkk The Shocker/(Mystikal)] (Uh ohhhhhh!) Ohhhhhhhhhhhh It ain’t my fault (Did I do that) It ain’t my fault (Did I do that) It ain’t my fault (Did I do […]

No Limit Party – Silkk The Shocker

Where ya from? Where ya from? [ya heard me] That 3rd Ward. Time to start this fight, you fuckin right Bitch, get off me, buckle up nigga! Chorus: Who run this bitch, we run this bitch That bout it shit, we started this shit Cause ain’t no party like a No Limit party I’m a […]

Pop Lockin’ – Silkk The Shocker

hey yo Snoop tell Xzibit and Dre to be having that thing bumpin When I come out there [Snoop] That’s funky Soopafly Big Snoop Dogg {Snoop Dogg} Silkk the Shocker Aint No Limit to this {aint No Limit} 2000 Gangsta shit West west ya’ll [Silkk] Snoop tell them what’s up [Verse One: Snoop Dogg] The […]

If My 9 Could Talk – Silkk The Shocker

Give me that nine, that clip Ain’t no talking to my 9, `cause bitch I’m bout to sop you up Twist the cap back, put one up in the chamber Your life in danger, I’m busting caps upon a total stranger Better believe I be creeping Detectives wonder how I hit your house and the […]

All Night – Silkk The Shocker

Yeah, ha, yo I’m back back boy, finally somethin for the g’s Know what nobody should be sittin down now We bout ta get down The girl, I want y’all to act a fool Y’all mutha fuckaz know what I’m talkin bout I thought I told y’all You know what I’m talkin bout, but whats […]