Who I Be – Silkk The Shocker

Silkk the Shocker after completing your duties on this Charge it to the Game You’re now ranked the highest soldier […]

Funny Guy – Silkk The Shocker

Picture me never sellin’ out cause I made it already Imagine a lil’ ghetto nigga ownin’ everything Picture me in […]

MR. – Silkk The Shocker

Mother fucking M – R – period MR. Master P MR. No Limit Records Cause we selling shit out the […]

No Limit – Silkk The Shocker

NO LIMIT (4X) (Nigga spell that shit you represent, Shocker) N-O-L-I-M-I-T (What kind of ride you got from all that […]

Beef – Silkk The Shocker

What Do ya’ll wanna do (what ya’ll wanna do, what) Do ya’ll really want beef (do ya’ll) And do ya’ll […]

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