Silver Mistress – Epoch Of Unlight

( A scene of time flashes across the mind of the ancient one, defender and chosen soul above all by SHE. One of the isochronal encounters of Night’s Warrior. Forever, the solitary legatee of HER gift and raptured soul unto SHE, he engages the weakened forces of light in the eternal affray… forever to be champion! )Upon the sea of time I ride…
to stay abreast of rising tides
I cast a scorn-filled glance about
this body black through which I pass
Time of the Gathering disseminated troops advance upon the source
Source of the pale and the jewel of the night
Lead by HER desire SHE twists their threads to knot
When at her peak in full & high
While I have she to be my guide
I will but champion the night!
And rend my odium to (the) rest
Hour at hand a force arrives with blades in hand
And in their haste a claim to SHE is made to which I stand
And ending yet another’s quest the moon-bleached flesh is all that stands
avoiding cosmic undertow
my thoughts change course
immortal beauty embracing me
and beckons forth
a brighter thread unseen by all
when burst into existence
her silver lips upon my brow
as praise to crimson glory
so enchanting in her lust
in rapture to her bidding

Lyric Silver Mistress – Epoch Of Unlight