Lay Your Hands – Simon Webbe

Tryna stay one step ahead I feel the world upon my shoulder each time I’m standing out on the edge And my hopes have all deserted me Like they washed away in the sand And it’s hurting my pride Tryna survive But i know i stand a chance When you lay your hands Oh yeah […]

A Little High – Simon Webbe

I’ve been watchin while your burning bridges, around you Think your helpless, Broken by the alibi’s and promises that weren’t true But it’s not all bad You know that you can bring it all back Reach out and find what you once had You’ll see if you read all the signs I can see that […]

Sanctuary – Simon Webbe

Can’t keep the sun from shining down And I can’t make you stay You feel your world is undefined You feel that what you need is time Open up your wings and find your way And I won’t try to hold you back And I hope you already know that Chorus I’ll be your sanctuary […]

Give A Man Hope – Simon Webbe

No wake up call I was locked into falling apart And said to waste it all I was out of control, cold And I think it showed And its gettin hard to play the part, buts its all that i no And its getting so complicated (so complicated) I guess what im trying to say […]

Star – Simon Webbe

And I’m the only one alone So I crossed the dance floor Heading for the back door Ready to make my way home But wait a minute what’s this I see J-lo glow and legs to spare Something you got put it on me Guess I ain’t going anywhere Chorus I don’t know what it […]

No Worries – Simon Webbe

Gonna get a little better Even on the darkest day I just know your life’s gonna change Gonna get a little further Right until the feelings change So, this is how it goes? Think you’ve come this far with nothing to show That ain’t so, no You don’t see where you are And if you […]