Celebrate – Simple Minds

Is a luxury The suit he wears Belongs to me The road is long Seven thousand miles Soldier talk And […]

Factory – Simple Minds

To a cigarette burn In the book that I read To the sentence I learn Up and down Going round […]

Premonition – Simple Minds

Fact to fact Nothing moving happening Artifact The waiting room Waits Limbo can burn But the original sin The incentive […]

My Life – Simple Minds

Getting closer in the night Like a sacred song You linger on You give me the wings of flight And […]

Mandela Day – Simple Minds

Now the freedom moves in closer every day Wipe the tears down from your saddened eyes They say Mandela’s free […]

Real Life – Simple Minds

Twenty eight dollars in a fake silk purse and a leather skirt to wear Shane came from Dublin town from […]

Stand By Love – Simple Minds

I’ve travelled round the world but they can’t cure my desire The city looks pretty tonight Hold on now let’s […]

Street Hassle – Simple Minds

The sexy one smiled in dismay She pulled out four twenties ‘Cause she liked round figures Everybody stayed for a […]

Ghostdancing – Simple Minds

Satellites come crashing down I see them falling out the skies like eagles All mirrored glass and shattered egos But […]