Addicted – Simple Plan

But I want you to know I’m a dick I’m addicted to you I can’t pretend I don’t care When […]

Perfect – Simple Plan

Think back and talk to me Did I grow up according to plan And do you think I’m wasting my […]

Crazy – Simple Plan

When everywhere I look I see Young girls dying to be on TV They won’t stop ’til they’ve reached their […]

Untitled – Simple Plan

I try to see but I’m blinded by the white light I can’t remember how I can’t remember why I’m […]

Jump – Simple Plan

I don’t wanna wake up today Cause everyday’s the same And I’ve been waiting so long For things to change […]

One Day – Simple Plan

That I just can’t leave behind There’s so many rules I got to follow ‘Cuz you can’t let go I […]

Promise – Simple Plan

I can’t take this I need somewhere to go I need you I’m so restless I don’t know what to […]

One – Simple Plan

The ones forgotten And this time The future is our’s It’s in our hands We’re the tear in your eyes […]

My Alien – Simple Plan

Just a glimpse of your face I can remember smelling your hair, I’ll meet your anywhere Somewhere that no one […]

Thank You – Simple Plan

I thought that nothing could come between us two We said as long as we would stick together We’d be […]

Shut Up – Simple Plan

You’re always so right It’s all a big show It’s all about you You think you know What everyone needs […]