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Look At You Now – Simply Red

But look at you now, behaving like a fool. A long time ago you treated me so mean but Chorus: Look at you now. Look at you now. You threw me away like litter in the gutter. I had to pick my self up and find something better. -chorus- I looked so hard, I’m looking […]

Close To You – Simply Red

This land is there for all to see You’re standing there so cold and calm You stand so close to me And you out there can keep away There’s nothing owed to you All I want’s to lose myself and stay so close to you The river is cruel its pipes are sprayed with long […]

The Right Thing – Simply Red

When the time is right Sexily right I’m gonna do the right thing I’m feeling hot I ain’t ever gonna stop To get what you got You better take what I bring I feel it now Much harder now More than any old how Say you feel the pain Feel I’m getting harder now (Get […]

Jericho – Simply Red

I’ll make you a career in the business I’m in. I’ll make you rich, I’ll make you a toy, I’ll make you turn over into my little boy. Y’see I’m going somewhere. I don’t know what I’m gonna do when I get there. I know money’s a thing – your only inspiration And your only […]

Money’s Too Tight To Mention – Simply Red

My kids all need brand new shoes So I went to the bank to see what they could do They said Son looks like bad luck got a hold on you Money’s too tight to mention I can’t get an unemployment extension Money’s too tight to mention I went to my brother to see what […]

Wave The Old World Goodbye – Simply Red

It’s time to say hello to the New World Praying it will be right That the world may soon see the light I’ll be waving, oh waving And I’ll be waiting… Sure the old folks have tried But now it’s time for us in the New World Pray that it will be right That the […]

Ain’t That A Lot Of Love – Simply Red

that I feel in my heart for you If I could spread it out across the sea, I know my love would cork it up Ain’t that a lot of love for one heart to hold If the bees only knew how sweet you are baby They would seal up their honeycomb If the birds […]

Suffer – Simply Red

That when it comes it won’t bring too much prolong I don’t know how hard it’ll be when I suffer Affection is a start for me, I hope it’s gonna move on This time it’s gonna be hard for me, I don’t wanna suffer I fight it hard when it tears my heart Oh when […]

You’ve Got It – Simply Red

A strength that I can’t see There’s no way That I can let you go Why did I mistake sex For another sense Then wanted someone else To try to tell you no I think you understand Oh that you’ve got it I try hard but I can’t Oh do without it I think you […]

Your Eyes – Simply Red

I wanna look into the windows of your soul…again, again Who’s to know where time will lead us now? I can’t believe this is happening now I’m not scared, I’m just wondering how I wanna see your eyes All the time we’ve shared between us now The feeling I have needs me to make a […]

Mellow My Mind – Simply Red

Words and music Neil Young Baby Mellow my Mind Make me feel, like a schoolboy on goodtime Jugglin’ nickels and dimes Satisfied with the fish on the line I’ve been down the road and I’ve come back Lonesome whistle on the railroad track Ain’t got nothin’ on those feelings that I had Something so hard […]

No Direction – Simply Red

Hungry Jims, no one saves them. Walkin’ north, talkin’ south With firm intention. And I don’t know what I’m talking about, It’s firm intention. Chorus: In this dreary life, with no direction, What this cause says about my life And no direction, no direction!!! To enter a place like an alien. To leave a place […]

Heaven – Simply Red

The name of the bar, The bar is called Heaven. The band in Heaven, They play my favourite song. They play it once again, They play it all night long. Chorus: Heaven, Heaven is a place, A place where nothing, Nothing ever happens. -chorus- There is a party, everyone is there. Everyone will leave at […]

Say You Love Me – Simply Red

Being one of those grains of sand I get blown all around the world And what I make of it Oh I don’t know What’s the meaning of it Oh I don’t know I’ve been around so many times that the world’s turning in my mind What do I think of it Oh it’s so […]

Enough – Simply Red

Let’s talk it over now Talk it over now I’m wrong, you’re gone So you’re serious Really serious You’re saying I’m insane Oh that’s craziness Craziness I’m trying to find Its real meaning Insanity When I get home again Everything we said It seemed to hold us Back again, again When I get home then […]

Man Made The Gun – Simply Red

It’s slaughter brings you to your knees Man made the gun Who is the person that is holding on? What’s in his mind, where is he looking from? Isn’t he the one we should be gazing on, contemplating on? ‘Cos man made the gun Man shapes the son Man made the gun While there is […]

Love Has Said Goobye Again – Simply Red

Words and Music Mick Hucknall Love has said goodbye again. See the road we go down When the wind dies down come the tears That bring a new beginning Love has said goodbye again feel the road we go down We are here but the way we are here it is changing There are many […]

Shine – Simply Red

Plagued with memories, I can’t forget us Trying to fight it, trying to hide it Rekindled flames are not recommended But it never went out boy, it never ended Trying to fight it, trying to hide it But your love it shines In a cruel hard world It’s a miracle to find Someone good, someone […]