Performer SIMPLY RED

Thrill Me – Simply Red

i’ve made my mistakes, wake up let’s not break up thrill me you’ve got a love so strong thrill me […]

Night Nurse – Simply Red

woman tend to the sick because there must be something she can do this heart is broken in two tell […]

Stars – Simply Red

would tell you the way i’m feeling anyone who ever wanted you would try to tell you what i feel […]

Jericho – Simply Red

I’ll make you a career in the business I’m in. I’ll make you rich, I’ll make you a toy, I’ll […]

Suffer – Simply Red

That when it comes it won’t bring too much prolong I don’t know how hard it’ll be when I suffer […]

Your Eyes – Simply Red

I wanna look into the windows of your soul…again, again Who’s to know where time will lead us now? I […]

Mellow My Mind – Simply Red

Words and music Neil Young Baby Mellow my Mind Make me feel, like a schoolboy on goodtime Jugglin’ nickels and […]

No Direction – Simply Red

Hungry Jims, no one saves them. Walkin’ north, talkin’ south With firm intention. And I don’t know what I’m talking […]

Heaven – Simply Red

The name of the bar, The bar is called Heaven. The band in Heaven, They play my favourite song. They […]

Enough – Simply Red

Let’s talk it over now Talk it over now I’m wrong, you’re gone So you’re serious Really serious You’re saying […]

Shine – Simply Red

Plagued with memories, I can’t forget us Trying to fight it, trying to hide it Rekindled flames are not recommended […]