Category: SINERGY

Midnight Madness – Sinergy

Fullmoon staring at me tonight time to feed my evil appetite live or die at the strike of midnight the choice is yours, but you’re running out of time I have the touch everybody fears my skin is poison ivy I have the look that’ll hypnotize my eyes are lit with fire My thirst grows […]

Swarmed – Sinergy

Daylight fading dusk awaiting swallowing my lucidness Hell on earth dreams turned to nightmares petrified of existence I see the shadows even though there is nobody else around Take these memories from me and place them never to be found I’ve been left here in ruins no one listening to my plea Can’t escape the […]

The Fourth World – Sinergy

Fantastic! Galactic! Dominion! SOLO: Laiho Beyond the sacred realm of common thought lies a paradise, wicked to those of the light yet home to fallen angels forgotten and lost in an empire of nothingness, and without a trace of their kind There is a passage I’ve found a gateway through the clouds fantasia one step […]

Last Escape – Sinergy

Trip doors kicked all around me, there is no escaping I slowly suffocate, I’m breathing poisoned air The Living dead are outside feasting on your souls infected followers now marching in their path Sudden explosion and the walls collape before me no longer prisoner, I have been released Headed towards chaos, armaggedon closing in in […]

Gallowmere – Sinergy

I have come to claim my throne again seek revenge on you Sir Fortesque though my army is beyond the grave I shall cast a spell and watch them rise I call upon them to return break from your graves unholy ones! My name is Zarok the sorcerer I just want to take back what’s […]

Hanging On The Telephone – Sinergy

if you don’t answer I’ll just ring it off the wall I know who’s there – but I just gotta call Don’t leave me hanging on the telephone don’t leave me hanging on the telephone I heard your mother, now she’s going out the door did she go to work, or just go to the […]

Venomous Vixens – Sinergy

I feel the hatred burning bright In her black eyes using her enemies for fuel I see scorn glittres in the green eyes of the spiteful one, contemptuous and cruel What will become of this ill-natured poisonous pair? See if you dare… Their on the run, taking revenge on the world Out to destroy, those […]

Beware The Heavens – Sinergy

All is calm on the western front civilian dreams fill the mornig breeze listen closely, hear the prophecy pretenders preaching, it’s time to flee! Hypnotic sermon striking naive minds a congreation awaits command the mask unveiled now they realiza armageddon has seized the land! October twillight setting in Reborn into a new reality Deciever of […]